Amnesia was a British featherweight robot which competed in the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championships. Entered by Adam Hamilton of Team Immersion, it won the inaugural UK competition at Insomnia 63 by defeating Calabash Brothers in the final round, having won each of its battles by knockout.

The version of Amnesia which competed in the 2018 UK International Championships, also known as Amnesia 3, was the third incarnation of the robot; previous versions had also earned considerable success in FRA-sanctioned featherweight competitions.


Amnesia arena

Amnesia in the arena

Amnesia victory dance

Amnesia's flipper in action

Amnesia is a two-wheel drive robot with a compact, wedge-like profile and a black and blue color scheme. Its weapon consists of an electrically-operated front-hinged flipper, which is used to turn opponents over and self-right whenever the robot is inverted. Two claw-like extensions at the top of the flipper prevent opponents from driving over and off the weapon when it is in use. Amnesia has a total of four interchangeable flippers, which can be fitted to suit different opponents:

  • An 'anti-horizontal' flipper with a wide angled wedge, made out of 5mm HARDOX and used to counter opponents with horizontal spinners. The weapon also incorporates internal bracing to prevent the flipper from bending after heavy impacts.
  • An 'anti-vertical' flipper, featuring angled armor designed specifically to cut down the teeth of any vertical spinner which makes contact with it. Like the 'anti-horizontal' flipper, this weapon is made out of 5mm HARDOX and incorporates internal bracing.
  • A pair of traditional flippers; one with a similar design to the 'anti-vertical' flipper and a set of forks, the other with a narrower front blade optimised for opponents armed with flippers.

In addition to the flippers, Amnesia also featured a few non-flipper weapons, one of which was brought along with the robot when it attended the 2018 UK International Championships. The weapon was intended to be used in the event that the flippers were rendered unusable, but ultimately went unused throughout the competition.[1]

Amnesia's chassis is formed of a HARDOX base and rear plate, braced by two machined HDPE billets. An aluminium frame in the centre of the chassis houses the weapon mechanism; the flippers can be mounted to interchangeable hinges or cone wedges which can be bolted directly to the robots' front billets. Amnesia's top armor consists of 3mm HARDOX with an additional 6mm HDPE layer.[1]

Robot History

King of Bots UK 2018

Amnesia vs Strix 1

Amnesia flips itself while lifting Strix against the wall

Amnesia Strix stalemate

Amnesia briefly drives up the front of Strix

Amnesia vs Strix 2

Amnesia leaves Strix stranded

Amnesia’s first battle took place during the second qualification round, where it was expected to fight Strix and Elevate, and was fitted with the anti-horizontal flipper. However, Elevate withdrew shortly before the battle began, leaving both of the front-hinged flippers to face each other alone. Amnesia and Strix immediately rammed each other head-on, with Amnesia proceeding to slip under and throw Strix off the floor. Seconds later, it pushed Strix sideways and threw it against the railings, although not without accidentally flipping itself over. Amnesia self-righted, and drove underneath Strix a few more times in an attempt to get another flip in. Eventually, Amnesia pushed Strix sideways and flipped it against the wall, leaving its opponent unable to self-right. As Strix was counted out, Amnesia darted across the arena, spun and fired its flipper in celebration, scoring four points with this knockout victory.

Amnesia vs X-303 vs Nelly the Ellybot 1

Amnesia is initially thrown over by X-303's drum

Amnesia vs X-303 vs Nelly the Ellybot 2

Amnesia (left) tries to push X-303 through the railings

Amnesia vs X-303 vs Nelly the Ellybot 3

Amnesia is axed by Nelly the Ellybot

Next, Amnesia faced the axe of Nelly the Ellybot and the drum spinner of X-303. Darting across the closed pit, it was initially bumped by Nelly the Ellybot, before turning round and attempting to attack X-303. A collision with X-303’s drum threw Amnesia over, forcing it to self-right; with one of its wedgelets shorn off, Amnesia dodged an axe blow from Nelly the Ellybot, and proceeded to ram X-303 into the wall. After trying to use its flipper to push X-303 through the gap in the railings and out of the arena, Amnesia was briefly attacked by Nelly the Ellybot, but escaped as X-303 threw the purple machine over. Amnesia rammed X-303 a few more times, only to sustain another hit from its opponent’s drum which threw it on its back against the corner. Self-righting, it approached Nelly the Ellybot and withstood two blows from the latter’s axe, before reversing over the flame jet and briefly attacking X-303 again.

Amnesia vs X-303

Amnesia pushes X-303 across the arena

Amnesia pushes X-303

Shoves from Amnesia cause X-303's drive belts to come loose

Amnesia got underneath Nelly the Ellybot once, only to dart away and activate the pit. After pushing X-303 into the corner, Amnesia briefly nudged Nelly the Ellybot, only to pursue, push and absorb more blows from X-303. Amnesia, having unsuccessfully attempted to push X-303 into the pit, was briefly pushed by Nelly the Ellybot as the three competitors gathered in the center of the arena. It flicked X-303 away using its flipper, but was soon catapulted across the arena again by X-303’s drum. Amnesia self-righted, and after briefly hesitating, sped across the arena to push X-303 along the far wall. It flipped X-303 over just as the latter was axed and pushed onto its wedge by Nelly the Ellybot, and dodged another axe blow from Nelly the Ellybot itself before pushing and flipping X-303 into the wall again.

Nelly the Ellybot vs Amnesia 2

Amnesia survives another of Nelly the Ellybot's axe blows

Amnesia flips Nelly the Ellybot

Amnesia tips Nelly the Ellybot over

Amnesia lifts Nelly the Ellybot

Amnesia immobilizes Nelly the Ellybot with a few more lifts

These attacks were sufficient to dislodge one of X-303’s drive belts; however, Amnesia sustained a few more axe blows from Nelly the Ellybot, and retreated to the center of the arena again. Amnesia responded by tipping Nelly the Ellybot over, and survived a few more axe blows as it proceeded to thrust and push X-303 across the arena a few times. With X-303 immobilized as a result of its belt issues, Amnesia refocused its attacks on Nelly the Ellybot, lifting the purple machine a few times. These attacks were enough to leave Nelly the Ellybot immobilized next to X-303, resulting in Amnesia picking up a second knockout win and four more points. During a post-battle interview with Samantha France, Adam Hamilton revealed that X-303’s second hit had dislodged Amnesia’s left wheel, resulting in it only having drive on one side for much of the battle. In actuality, the wheel had cracked following a heavy landing, causing it to roll freely on its driveshaft and reduce Amnesia's speed across the arena.[1]

Amnesia vs The Claw vs Hedgebot

Amnesia (top-right) flips Hedgebot over

Amnesia lifts The Claw

Amnesia (not visible in frame) lifts The Claw against the wall

In its third and last qualification round, Amnesia faced Hedgebot and The Claw. Immediately, it drove around and into Hedgebot, before proceeding to flip it over against the wall. With Hedgebot unable to self-right, Amnesia turned its attention towards The Claw, pushing it around and dislodging one of its wheel bearings. It rammed and threw The Claw against the wall, leaving it immobilized beside the pit release button. Amnesia spun round and fired its flipper in celebration, having secured its third consecutive knockout. Having scored a total of twelve points, Amnesia comfortably secured its place in the top 20 with these performances.

Amnesia deflects Take Cover

Amnesia deflects one of many blows from Take Cover

Amnesia flips Take Cover

Amnesia turns Take Cover over by the side wall

Amnesia vs Take Cover

Amnesia leaves Take Cover stranded

In the knockout round, Amnesia fought Take Cover, a sit-and-spin robot with a translational drift system. Amnesia began by pursuing and deflecting Take Cover into the wall twice. It proceeded to deflect Take Cover several more times across the arena, launching the Bristol machine into the air and damaging one of its hammers. Amnesia briefly paused to press the pit release button, only to push and flip Take Cover into the wall. Having disrupted its opponent’s spinning attack, Amnesia continued to push and deflect Take Cover for some time, eventually flipping it over and shepherding it into a corner. One collision ripped a piece of one of Take Cover’s hammers off; Amnesia continued to slam Take Cover into the walls after this, knocking its opponent off-balance. Eventually, it pinned Take Cover in the corner and stacked it against the wall, leaving Take Cover stranded.

Amnesia vs Orpheus

Amnesia flips Orpheus against the wall

Amnesia pits Orpheus

Amnesia pits Orpheus

Through to the Round of 12, Amnesia next faced Orpheus, which itself had qualified after winning a loser’s melee. In the opening moments, it drove around and into Orpheus, before managing to drive underneath the Hemel Hempstead machine from the front. With this, Amnesia rammed and flipped Orpheus against the wall, pressing the pit release button and leaving Orpheus unable to self-right. Amnesia nudged Orpheus off the wall, enabling it to land upside-down on the floor. Seconds later, it pushed Orpheus into the pit, duly picking up another knockout victory and a place in the quarter-finals.

Binky vs Amnesia 1

Amnesia is sent airborne by Binky's first blow

Amnesia flips Binky

Amnesia throws Binky over

Amnesia Binky KO

Amnesia fires its flipper in celebration as Binky is eliminated

There, Amnesia faced the vertical spinner of Binky. It started the battle tentatively, initially attempting to drive around the side of Binky as the latter got its weapon up to speed. However, Amnesia instead drove into Binky’s front; Binky’s spinner clipped its wedge, catapulting Amnesia into the air and forcing it to self-right. Amnesia recovered, and continued to drive around the sides of Binky before pushing and flipping it into the wall. Amnesia pursued and rammed Binky again as the Team Eventorizons machine attempted to drive away. It managed to shepherd Binky into the corner, and took advantage of Binky’s stability issues by driving underneath and making contact with its spinner. This attack threw Binky onto its back - forcing it to recoil - and disabled its bar spinner. With Binky unable to self-right, Amnesia drove to the center of the arena and performed its victory manoeuvres just before the battle drew to a close.

Amnesia vs Rocket 1

Amnesia gets underneath Rocket in the early stages

Amnesia flips Rocket

Amnesia flips Rocket against the wall

Amnesia Rocket self-right

Amnesia forces Rocket to self-right

Amnesia vs Rocket 2

Amnesia pushes an inverted Rocket across the arena

In its semi-final, Amnesia faced Rocket, a scaled-down version of Robot Wars Series 8 champion Apollo entered by Team Robots Live! For this battle, it used the narrow-bladed flipper, which it initially used to great effect by driving straight underneath Rocket in the opening seconds. Amnesia drove underneath Rocket again and attempted to flip it against the wall; however, it accidentally threw itself over instead, but self-righted quickly. The two competitors pushed each other around in circles towards and over the flame jet, with Amnesia proceeding to pursue and drive underneath Rocket once more. Eventually, Amnesia pushed and flipped Rocket against the wall, repeating this attack when Rocket self-righted and tried to evade. Rocket struggled to self-right as Amnesia pushed it into the corner, then beside the pit; Amnesia pressed the pit release button before pushing Rocket near the edge.

Amnesia Rocket pit

Amnesia momentarily joins Rocket in the pit

Amnesia waited as Rocket self-righted and got itself stuck on the descending pit, before attempting to push it in. However, Rocket threw itself into the pit as Amnesia charged in, momentarily resulting in both robots falling in at once. Amnesia pushed itself out of the pit by firing its flipper against Rocket, securing itself another knockout victory and a place in the final.

Amnesia vs Calabash Brothers 1

Amnesia pushes Calabash Brothers sideways

Amnesia flips Calabash Brothers

The knockout flip from Amnesia which secures its 2018 UK title

There, Amnesia faced Chinese competitor Calabash Brothers, again with the narrow-bladed flipper. Immediately, it darted across the arena, around the flame jet and towards Calabash Brothers, before drifting back and forth to trick Calabash Brothers into attacking it. After bumping and circling around Calabash Brothers for a few more moments, Amnesia finally got underneath and sent Calabash Brothers spinning with a charge. This appeared to leave Calabash Brothers stunned; Amnesia proceeded to ram and flip the Chinese vertical spinner into the wall, restoring its opponent’s mobility in the process. After this, the two robots circled around the arena, with Amnesia getting underneath Calabash Brothers a few more times before again flipping and slamming it into the wall. This impact immobilized Calabash Brothers, leading to it being counted out within seconds. As a result, Amnesia and Adam Hamilton emerged as the 2018 King of Bots UK International Champions.


King of Bots UK 2018 (Insomnia 63)
Main Championship
Rumble vs. Strix, Elevate Won via knockout (4 points)
Rumble vs. Nelly the Ellybot, X-303 Won via knockout (4 points)
Rumble vs. The Claw, Hedgebot Won via knockout (4 points)
Knockout vs. Take Cover Won
Round of 12 vs. Orpheus Won
Quarter-Final vs. Binky Won
Semi-Final vs. Rocket Won
Final vs. Calabash Brothers Won


  • Amnesia 3 prior to its King of Bots UK appearance
  • Amnesia during the 2018 UK International Championships
  • Amnesia with its King of Bots UK trophy
  • Amnesia with its King of Bots UK trophy
  • Amnesia with Adam Hamilton
  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 0

Outside King of Bots

Amnesia 1 and 2

Amnesia 1 and Amnesia 2

The original version of Amnesia (Amnesia 1) made its debut at the 2016 FRA International Featherweight Championships, finishing fourth overall. Initially built as a simple two-wheel drive rammer with a solid wedge, it was later redesigned with a removable flipper similar to those of its later incarnations, competing at Insomnia 58 in this form.[2][3] Amnesia’s performances throughout 2016 would see it receive the ‘Featherweight’ and ‘Best Newcomer’ accolades at that year’s FRA Annual Awards.

  • Amnesia 2 with its 2017 FRA Featherweight trophy
  • All three versions of Amnesia with their accolades

Amnesia would improve on its debut performance at the 2017 FRA Featherweight International Championships, where the second incarnation (Amnesia 2) reached the semi-final stage and finished third overall by defeating Utopia in the play-off. During the same year, the first incarnation also made a televised cameo in Series 10 of Robot Wars, appearing in Heat 4 alongside Vulture, Team Immersion’s entry for that series. Both Amnesia 1 and Amnesia 2 incorporated a 'two-stage' flipper, a design feature which was not carried over to Amnesia 3.

  • Amnesia at Robots Live! Stevenage, September 2018
  • Amnesia with its heavyweight counterpart, Immersion
  • Amnesia with Explosion

All three incarnations of Amnesia remain in Adam Hamilton's possession, although Amnesia 1 and Amnesia 2 only remain as empty shells as of December 2018.[1] Using the same internals as its predecessors, Amnesia 3 continues to appear at live events in addition to its King of Bots UK appearance. After attending the Robots Live! event in Stevenage in September 2018, Amnesia subsequently entered the Robodojo Autumn Featherweight Championship, sporting the 'anti-vertical' flipper. Competing in the Sportsman division, where no spinners were present, Amnesia continued its winning streak by defeating Boring Wedgebot #7, Mattock and Luna-Tic in three consecutive battles. It reached the final round of the event, but was defeated by Barghest on a Judges' decision.

For more information on other robots built by Team Immersion, including Amnesia's heavyweight counterpart Immersion, see Bonfire.


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