"It will be based on the pleasure of the pain of rivals, rip open armor, destroy the circuit, it is a blow to the deadly blade - Blade Gyro!"
— King of Bots website (translated from Chinese)

刀锋陀螺 (translated as Blade Gyro) was a robot from Shanghai which competed in the first season of King of Bots. Despite suffering from a faulty weapon in its first battle, it defeated Scorpion to reach the second round, which it lost to Rust Boar after losing the use of its weapon again and getting itself pinned under the wall spikes.


Blade Gyro destroys drawers in testing

Blade Gyro is heavily influenced by designs such as the American Tombstone, in that the robot is an invertible, lengthy design, equipped with a huge horizontal bar spinner. This chain-driven weapon spun at 4000rpm, and holes were cut out of the center to conserve weight. Blade Gyro's two wheels were completely exposed at the sides, and although the weapon was damaging, it proved unreliable in both of its battles. Additionally, its top and bottom castors - located at the ends of its weapon mount - proved fragile.

Robot History

King of Bots (Season 1)

Blade Gyro is caught by Scorpion

Blade Gyro is driven into a Grinder

In the first round, Blade Gyro faced the vertical crusher and fellow Shanghai representative, Scorpion. It started slowly in an effort to spin up its weapon, although it immediately became clear that the bar spinner was not working, so after a period of chasing, Scorpion caught Blade Gyro on its wedge, and attempted to crush. However, Blade Gyro's armour proved more durable than Scorpion's own crusher, and Scorpion proceeded to buckle and damage its own weapon in its efforts to attack. It held Blade Gyro for a period, but stopped exerting pressure onto its weapon, and released its opponent.

The brief revival of Blade Gyro's weapon

Blade Gyro inadvertently wins the battle

Despite the damage Scorpion sustained, Blade Gyro was not winning the battle, as it drove onto a floor flipper and was turned over, before Scorpion pushed it into a Grinder. Scorpion maintained its presence until, with forty seconds left on the clock, Blade Gyro drove bar-first into a Grinder, and revived its spinner. Blade Gyro reached its top speed, but then strangely slammed straight into the arena wall and disabled its spinner again, also knocking over the Judges' camera. Sensing weakness, Scorpion closed the gap and lunged for Blade Gyro, but drove straight over a floor flipper, and was turned over with eighteen seconds left in the match. This twist of fate immobilized Scorpion, and Blade Gyro earned a relatively fortunate win.

In the second round, Blade Gyro faced the drum spinner Rust Boar; before the battle began, the Magic are Sambo team received advice from Gabriel Stroud, who recommended that they get underneath Rust Boar as it lifted up and damage its underside.

The initial collision between Blade Gyro and Rust Boar

Blade Gyro is momentarily lifted by a side-on shove from Rust Boar

Blade Gyro immediately drove out of the blue square, but avoided Rust Boar as it got its bar spinner up to speed. It inadvertently drove towards one of the grinders and stopped, allowing Rust Boar to charge into its spinner and deflect it away. Another side-on ram from Rust Boar ensued, before Blade Gyro drove away and slammed into Rust Boar’s drum, albeit without causing any significant damage. Smoke poured from Blade Gyro as it pursued and hit Rust Boar again; the impact caused its opponent to drive erratically near one of the hammers. However, Blade Gyro did not escape without inflicting damage to itself; not only had its spinner stopped working completely, but its bottom castor had also broken off.

Blade Gyro's final hit on Rust Boar

Blade Gyro pins itself underneath the wall spikes

Weaponless, Blade Gyro drove into Rust Boar again, but was deflected into the wall spikes in the process. Dodging the hammer, it reversed and turned away, only to drive itself into the spikes after mistiming another charge at Rust Boar. Blade Gyro struggled to push Rust Boar around before retreating and driving head-on into it. Seconds later, it reversed and spun into another set of spikes – the absence of Blade Gyro’s bottom castor resulted in its bar spinner getting pinned underneath the spikes. With its wheels lifted off the floor, Blade Gyro was left unable to drive away; as a result, it was counted out and eliminated from the competition via knockout.


King of Bots (Season 1)
Main Championship
Second Round
Round 1 vs. Scorpion Won
Round 2 vs. Rust Boar Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series Record

Series Whirlwind Series Record
Season 1 Round 2
(1-1 record)
Season 1.5 Did not enter
Season 2 Did not enter


  • One member of the team entered the arena holding a guitar before the first-round battle, and another held a fidget spinner in the team's VT.
  • The editing during Blade Gyro vs Scorpion emphasized the comedy of the battle, as triumphant music played while Blade Gyro finally achieved spinning speed, before comedic music played when the weapon stopped.

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