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ToastUltimatum ToastUltimatum 24 November 2020


Hello everyone and welcome to the Grand Finale of the Name Rating blog! I had a few different ideas as to how we would close this mammoth out, from ideas like a bonus round of rating the video games & merchandise competitors, to awkwardly shoehorning the 2016 Pilot competitors and on-site withdrawals like Armakillo and The Wife in (after all, Armakillo was more "televised" than Reckless Endangerment), but I think the only proper way to send this off is what we have below. That's not to say ideas like video game name ratings will never happen, but this is the conclusion to the main project.

The first section of the blog shows a table of the best and worst names in each range. It should provide a snapshot of the three best names and the two w…

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CrashBash CrashBash 18 May 2020

Audited King of Bots 2

After doing, and subsequently failing to do, numerous Audited Series on the Robot Wars wiki, I figured I could branch out to other robot combat shows. I could do something sensible like BattleBots or BuggleBots, with their very simplistic and simple combat structures. But NOPE! I'm going to do King of Bots instead.

In case there's anyone here who doesn't know what an Audited Series is, basically I go through a series with the same robots, but the line-up is at complete random. I won't know which robot is drawn against which until I pop in good ol' and let it do its magic.

For purposes of clarification, although each robot is randomised, the groups they were initially placed in are not. Therefore, the international challengers from t…

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CrashBash CrashBash 8 January 2020

Vital Thumbnails

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Okamifan1 Okamifan1 27 March 2018

Spoilers: KOB 1.5/This Is Bots Competitor Chart

Well with the competitors starting to be revealed officially I figured someone might as well make this, and since I do have experience with competitor charts I figured that I might as well. Bold denotes a robot which has competed in King of Bots before.

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Madlooney6 Madlooney6 5 February 2018

This series is awesome!

I've got to say that King of Bots puts BattleBots to shame, and that's considering I don't know what they're saying.

The first episode smashed it out of the park with the first 7 fights of round 1 and proved that China has some powerful bots.

The second episode was just as awesome and feature 8 more fights from round 1.

The third episode had even more fantastic fights and the final 9 fights from round 1, though the final bot to reach round 2 was extremely lucky.

Episode 4 had the first 6 amazing fights of the second round that showed that the 12 bots in the episode earned their place in the second round.

Episode 5 had the final 6 fights of the second that was more amazing though one of the winners to get to round 3 got the second lucky win in a…

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Okamifan1 Okamifan1 15 January 2018

Wildcard chances according to Okamifan1

I guess with two episodes aired it is time to start judging the wildcard chances of competitors whom have been eliminated Match spoilers for episodes 1-2 are here so read with caution.

My picks so far:

  • Steel God of War 75%
  • Spin Doctor 65%
  • Hurricane 50%
  • Vulcan 25%
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