• Okamifan1

    Well with the competitors starting to be revealed officially I figured someone might as well make this, and since I do have experience with competitor charts I figured that I might as well. Bold denotes a robot which has competed in King of Bots before.

    Robot Team, and Team Members Other Entries Hometown/Country Photo

    Team Far North

    Gary Cairns
    Sarah Cairns 

    (KOB 1.0) Scotland


    Bots FC

    Alex Calkins
    Adam Wrigley

    None Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States of America


    Team Moebius

    Michael "Shaggy" Macht
    Nicolas Wostl
    Seth Cohen
    Kevin Berry
    Chrystopher M. Rhodes
    Ben Krieg

    None Beavercreek, Ohio, United States of America


    Team Immersion

    Adam Hamilton
    Emma Jones
    Thomas Long

    None Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    Bulldozer Team B…

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  • Madlooney6

    This series is awesome!

    February 5, 2018 by Madlooney6

    I've got to say that King of Bots puts BattleBots to shame, and that's considering I don't know what they're saying.

    The first episode smashed it out of the park with the first 7 fights of round 1 and proved that China has some powerful bots.

    The second episode was just as awesome and feature 8 more fights from round 1.

    The third episode had even more fantastic fights and the final 9 fights from round 1, though the final bot to reach round 2 was extremely lucky.

    Episode 4 had the first 6 amazing fights of the second round that showed that the 12 bots in the episode earned their place in the second round.

    Episode 5 had the final 6 fights of the second that was more amazing though one of the winners to get to round 3 got the second lucky win in a…

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  • Okamifan1

    I guess with two episodes aired it is time to start judging the wildcard chances of competitors whom have been eliminated Match spoilers for episodes 1-2 are here so read with caution.

    Robot Round Eliminated Episode Image Chances
    Vulcan Round 1 1


    I don't fancy Vulcan's chances here. Yes it put up a reasonably good fight, but it also went out in the first round after losing its own wheel, amongst other issues.

    Stingray Round 1 1


    Sadly I don't fancy this ones chances at all. The robot was pretty badly damaged following its fight, and aside from a hit that threw its opponent off balance I think I am being pretty generous here with the 10%

    Nuclear Round 1 1


    Did nothing in its fight against Snake other than high center itself, and get dominate…

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