"Teaching is performance! You need to inspire students, and they will perform for you! They need to buy into YOU as a person!"
— Martin Mason on his outward personality while captaining Cat King

猫王 (Mao Wang), known in English as Cat King, was a robot from California in the United States of America which competed in This is Fighting Robots and King of Bots II.

In its first battle of Season 1.5, Cat King was deemed immobile at the end of its rumble, but Zheng Shuang later selected it as the final member of her team. Cat King lost a wheel during its next rumble in the main competition after an attack from 008. Cat King redeemed this by throwing Great White out of the arena using its vertical spinner. In its final appearance, Cat King collected a win over Xiake, but the robot was still eliminated in this round, as Zheng Shuang was required to cull her team ahead of the Top 8. Partway through the competition, Zheng Shuang also drove Cat King in a head-to-head against Weber, driven by Zhang Yishan, but Cat King lost the Judges' decision.

Martin Mason returned for Season 2, proudly boasting about the improvements to Cat King, although it was knocked out by Iron Scrap when trying to join Tu Ziya's team. However, Martin Mason picked a fight with the impressive Medusa to demonstrate why it deserved a place on Emma Dumont's team, and with a quick knockout, Cat King secured its place on her team. It then collected a 2v2 victory over ORBY Blade and Rhino to earn a win for Emma Dumont, while defending its own place on the team, and helped to knock Tao Shen out of the competition when Cat King defeated Earth Shovel. However, Cat King was quickly defeated by Deep-Sea Shark during the Final Attrition War, which ultimately resigned Ye Hong Li's team to second place.



Cat King with its vertical disc in Season 1.5

Cat King

Cat King with its interchangeable shells in Season 1.5

Cat King is a modular robot that runs on a four-wheel drive train. It has two different center weapon modules. The first is equipped with a solid front wedge, decorated with whiskers and a feline face, and the center of the wedge is a 40lb dual tooth spinning disc, operating vertically to throw robots over. Two skate wheels are placed above the spinner, so that Cat King can run inverted. This allows the robot to drive into an arena Grinder using its active weapon to self-right. Cat King's alternative module uses two protruding wedges at either side, with a black lifter in the center, which also allows Cat King to self-right. A mouse-themed minibot accompanied Cat King during practice for its Head-to-Head battle against Weber, serving as a test opponent for Zheng Shaung to dodge and attack.

"We've added eight motors to the robot, there's two lifting arms with razor-sharp claws, so not only can we hit them with our giant spinning disc, we can also lift!"
— Martin Mason confidently declares the upgrades to Cat King for Season 2
Cat King stats

Cat King's statistics in Season 2

Cat King team

Cat King with Martin Mason in Season 2

Cat King was rebuilt for Season 2 to use a total of eight motors for its weaponry. Rather than using an interchangeable spinning disc and lifter, Cat King in King of Bots II instead uses both weapons at the same time, with two thin lifting arms surrounding each side of the vertical spinner, which by default was now a lighter but thicker bar spinner instead of the conventional disc. These lifting arms could overturn other robots, but also most critically served as self-righting mechanisms. The robot's drive modules were still detachable from the robot, making repairs and replacements easier, at the cost of potentially crumbling as seen in Cat King's battle with Iron Scrap, or even breaking away entirely, as seen with other robots that Martin Mason worked on for BattleBots such as WAR Hawk and Mad-Catter.

Robot HistoryEdit

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit

Cat King was not chosen by any of the celebrities during their initial selection process, so Cat King was required to take part in a four-way rumble against Greedy Snake, Spike Head and Whirlwind.

Cataclysm vs Greedy Snake

Cat King's blade catches Greedy Snake

Whirlwind vs Cataclysm

Cat King is struck by Whirlwind

Greedy Snake rammed into Cat King, immediately putting it on the back foot. Cat King's spinning blade made contact with Greedy Snake's weapon, causing the Chinese robot to release its grip. At this stage, Spike Head immobilized itself by ramming into Greedy Snake, overturning itself. Cat King withstood a blow from Whirlwind, sparks being cast from its armor. Having already qualified, Greedy Snake continued its assault and drove straight under Cat King to drive it backwards, and Whirlwind also struck Cat King on its escape. Greedy Snake pushed Cat King back into the wall, and Cat King sustained another direct blow from Whirlwind, sending it straight back into Greedy Snake's grip.

Greedy Snake vs Cataclysm

Greedy Snake holds Cat King aloft

Cataclysm vs Whirlwind

Cat King overturns Whirlwind

While pushing it back, Greedy Snake clamped down on Cat King and lifted it up. Greedy Snake released its grip, dropping Cat King, which suffered from another Whirlwind attack. This time, Cat King retaliated, and used its vertical spinner to trade with Whirlwind's own spinner, throwing the Chinese robot onto its back. Whirlwind had no method of self-righting, and was eliminated. With only Cat King and Greedy Snake remaining, Cat King struck the weaponry of Greedy Snake, but the Chinese entry pushed the American robot into the Grinder.

Snake vs Cataclysm

Cat King is picked up by Greedy Snake before being thrown over

Cat King had seemingly lost the use of its weapon at this stage. Pinned in the corner of the arena, Greedy Snake grabbed Cat King once again, and lifted it into the air. At this point of Episode 1, the battle was cut early, creating a cliffhanger which was resolved in the second episode. Cat King was subsequently thrown onto its back by Greedy Snake, and was immediately declared to have lost the battle despite still being able to drive upside down. Due to Cat King being ruled immobile, it could not be selected by a celebrity during battle.

Although Cat King was initially eliminated from the competition, the celebrities were required to choose from a final selection of robots which were not chosen at the end of their group battle, and Zheng Shuang made Cat King her final addition to her team of ten. Shaung then drafted in Cat King to battle the Scottish 008, the Chinese Red River Hong and the Russian Weber.

Weber vs Cat King

Weber launches Cat King into a Grinder

Cat King Grinder

Cat King somersaults upon contact with the Grinder

Cat King's wedge was immediately exploited by Weber, and the flipper threw Cat King over, causing it to rebound into a Grinder and land inverted. Cat King voluntarily drove back into the Grinder in an effort to self-right, but completed a full somersault and landed inverted again, also losing the use of its weapon. Cat King drove into the Grinder a few more times and was eventually able to use the Grinder to self-right.

Cat King belt

Cat King sheds a drive belt and wheel

Red River Tank vs Cat King

Cat King is slammed by Red River Hong

This allowed Cat King to overturn Weber with a slam. While engaging Red River Hong, 008 hit Cat King from behind and caused Cat King to lost a drive belt as well as its left wheel. This rendered Cat King immobile on one side, albeit not immobile officially. Unable to leave its circumference, Cat King was briefly suspended by a ramrod, and was later slammed from behind by Red River Hong. Despite making no impact on the battle while inverted again, Cat King survived until a Judges' decision, but this was awarded to Weber.

Cat King practice flip

Cat King throws its minibot over during practice

Cat King remained on Zheng Shaung’s team for later rounds, eventually being chosen to fight Weber again for a head-to-head battle. This time, Shaung was given full control of the robot, while Team Bad Kitty decided to use Cat King’s lifter module for the first time. During practice, a mouse-themed minibot accompanied Cat King as a test opponent, which Shaung attempted to avoid as she accustomed herself with Cat King’s controls. Eventually, she succeeded in getting Cat King to ram and flip the minibot over; with the minibot stranded on its back, Cat King threw it back upright using its lifter.

Weber vs Cat King 1

Cat King avoids an unsuccessful first flip from Weber

Cat King vs Weber 1

Cat King briefly lifts Weber up

Cat King vs Weber 2

Cat King attacks the back of Weber

Cat King vs Weber 3

Cat King clamps and presses Weber against the wall spikes

In the opening moments of the battle, Cat King drove steadily towards Weber, dodging the Russian robot as it charged into the wall spikes. However, it reversed onto the lip of Weber’s flipper, avoiding a flip as Weber threw itself over instead. Cat King drove under Weber as it tried to self-right, and spent some time bumping into its opponent before driving into its side and lifting it. After momentarily driving around the arena, Cat King drove into the back of Weber, again lifting it. It dodged another charge from Weber, before the two competitors rammed head-on onto each other. Cat King remained tentative as Weber circled round it and got itself impaled on the wall spikes, and retreated towards the other side of the arena as Weber freed itself.

Weber vs Cat King 2

Cat King is thrown off-balance by a charging Weber

Weber vs Cat King 3

Cat King is flipped over just before time runs out

Immediately, Cat King rammed Weber into the wall spikes, using its lifter to clamp it in place. It reversed just as Weber threw itself free from the spikes, and was briefly thrown off-balance as the Russian machine rammed and tried to flip it again. Cat King missed another lift, and attempted to retreat before being cornered against the wall spikes and flipped over by Weber in the closing seconds. After time ran out, Cat King quickly self-righted and retreated, with both robots surviving to a Judges’ decision. Despite a strong performance, the decision ultimately went against Cat King and Zheng Shaung.

In the head-to-head round, Cat King was challenged by Wu Chun's Great White and Zhang Yishan's Vulcan, and Zheng Shuang chose for Cat King to battle Great White. Cat King was equipped with its vertical spinner again.

Cat King vs Great White 1

Cat King thrusts Great White into the air

Cat King vs Great White 2

Cat King throws Great White into the plexiglass wall

While both robots powered up their vertical spinners, Zheng Shuang immediately placed the fog in front of Great White's team, obscuring their vision. Cat King capitalized on this by charging straight into Great White's wedge, throwing the machine high into the air, and causing Great White to bounce into the arena wall. Cat King held Great White in the corner of the arena, and targeted the back end of the machine, throwing sparks. With a bigger attack, Cat King then rocketed Great White into the angled plexiglass wall.

Cat King vs Great White 3

Cat King severs Great White's weapon belt

Cat King vs Great White 4

Cat King blasts Great White out of the arena

Great White landed inverted, and its spinner made repeated hits on the floor until Great White was finally righted. Both robots met weapon-to-weapon, while Great White's minibot Remora repeatedly missed Cat King. Great White and Cat King hit each other face on twice, knocking both robots back equally, but the second contact caused Great White's weapon belt to slip. Immediately afterwards, Cat King drove under Great White, and threw it over the wall in the corner of the arena, for a victory by ring-out. Cat King celebrated by hitting Remora, and claimed its victory.

"Cat King had shown its power, and we've shown every team what we're capable of. Now the other teams will be properly afraid of us, when it came their turn to face Cat King!"
— Team Bad Kitty

In its next battle, Cat King faced the Chinese drum spinner of Xiake.

Cat King vs Xiake 1

Xiake drives under Cat King and attacks its base

Cat King vs Xiake 2

Xiake launches Cat King over one meter into the air

Both robots met in the center of the arena, and Xiake was immediately able to breach Cat King's wedge, repeatedly hitting it from below, throwing sparks and Cat King together. A big hit from Xiake launched Cat King over one meter into the air. Xiake maintained its assault, pursuing the fleeing Cat King from behind, and also struck its wedge in order to grind at the underside of Cat King.

"Xiake, your robot is slow and lumbering! We will get around you, and destroy every piece of you!"
— Team Bad Kitty
Cat King vs Xiake 3

Cat King and Xiake are surrounded by shrapnel ripped from Cat King

Cat King vs Xiake 4

Xiake rips more pieces from Cat King, throwing it into the air

Pieces of Cat King were visibly strewn across the arena, after Xiake's grinding attack had created shrapnel. Cat King had lost full control of its wheels, and was largely turning in circles, although Xiake backed away to the center of the arena and briefly stopped moving, with its drum also disabled. Xiake revived, and drove straight under Cat King's wedge to toss the robot high into the air, again throwing more loose pieces from Cat King. However, Xiake's strong lead was suddenly threatened when Xiake attempted to drive Cat King into the wall, and instead lost mobility under the spikes lining the arena wall, seemingly pinned.

"Count him out!"
— Cat King's driver, to the referee, while Xiake was stuck
Cat King vs Xiake 5

Cat King watches while Xiake struggles to break free from the wall

Cat King vs Xiake 6

Xiake rams Cat King into the Grinder

A total of twenty seconds passed, while Cat King's team encouraged the referee to count out Xiake while it was stuck. However, the referee did not count Xiake out of the battle, and the robot was turned off and on, as signaled by the LED's behind the robot's drum, which had started spinning again, and Xiake escaped, to the visible joy of the referee. Once Xiake re-entered the battle, it reasserted itself by driving under the side of Cat King to ram it into the wall housing the Grinder. Cat King's team were visibly upset, while Xiake rammed Cat King into the Grinder, completing seven rams before time expired on the battle.

"I kept it going because in that match, because they were stuck. Twenty seconds! We have it on video, we can count it on the video!"
— Team Bad Kitty on Xiake's immobility

The battle was sent to a Judges' decision, where Martin Mason asserted that Xiake had been immobile for twenty seconds during the battle without being counted out, and reminded the celebrities and Judges that a robot may only be immobile for ten seconds. Both the Judges and the celebrities reviewed the footage of the battle, and based on Xiake's twenty seconds of inactivity, the victory was awarded to Cat King, awarding Zheng Shuang's team with another three points. However, Zheng Shuang's other robots also won most of their fights in the round, and she was required to cut two robots from her team prior to the Top 8, deciding upon Cat King's elimination at this stage.

King of Bots II (Season 2)Edit

"We've calibrated every millimeter of this robot! We will be victorious this time!! There will only be victory for Cat King!!! Only victory!!!!"
— Martin Mason introduces himself to the celebrity captains

Cat King returned for Season 2 as an international entry, debuting in Episode 3 alongside eleven other international representatives. Cat King was the third of these robots to fight against a Chinese robot, and Martin Mason was extremely boisterous and comical in explaining why Cat King would be a suitable member for any of the celebrity teams, with success - almost all of the celebrities were hoping to recruit Cat King. Through a random draw, it was Tu Ziya who had the opportunity to add Cat King onto her team, but Team Bad Kitty would first need to defeat the powerful drum spinner of Iron Scrap to earn that position.

"It'll be sad that his robot is in such terrible shape when we are done! We are not weak! We do not leave robots unscathed! I feel sorry for him to have so much work to do when this is over!"
— Martin Mason talks big before the Iron Scrap fight
Iron Scrap vs Cat King 1

Cat King starts on the back-foot

Iron Scrap vs Cat King 2

Cat King's wedgelets prove no match for Iron Scrap's clearance

Both robots quickly accelerated their spinning weapons, and in the first six seconds, Iron Scrap crashed into the side of Cat King to break through its armor, and send it spinning into the corner of the arena. Cat King was slowed by this attack, and Iron Scrap willingly drove head-on into Cat King, slipping under its opponent's wedgelets, and overpowering Cat King's spinner to knock it backwards.

Iron Scrap vs Cat King 3

Cat King's mobility starts to fade

Iron Scrap vs Cat King 4

Cat King's rear wheel is hit by Iron Scrap

One minute into the fight, Cat King was already struggling to move, only remaining inside a limited area whilst Iron Scrap charged into the arena wall and damaged the spike strip. Using only one side of drive, Cat King attempted to pivot away, but exposed its backside to Iron Scrap in the process, which allowed Iron Scrap to directly strike one of Cat King's back wheels, not causing visible damage, but contributing to Cat King's impaired mobility.

Iron Scrap vs Cat King 5

Cat King is knocked into the air

Iron Scrap vs Cat King 6

The immobile Cat King takes one last hit

Cat King still managed to coast into the center of the arena, but another weapon-to-weapon hit worked in Iron Scrap's favor, with Cat King being flung into the air, and back to where it came from. With a string of two attacks, Iron Scrap individually hit each wedgelet of Cat King, and with one more slam, Iron Scrap immobilized Cat King two minutes into the bout. Iron Scrap still launched another hit on the back of Cat King, which seemed to be collapsing centrally, and Cat King could only spin its blade and move its lifters until the referee counted it out. As a result, Cat King did not join Tu Ziya's team.

"We think that Iron Scrap was one of the strongest robots in the field. We are PROUD to have had a chance to fight them!"
— Martin Mason

Cat King was relegated to the redemption rounds, but Martin Mason was the first roboteer selected to take part in a fight here. As the first robot to be selected, Martin Mason was allowed to choose an opponent from any of the volunteering competitors in the redemption rounds. Martin Mason wished to impress the celebrities by defeating a powerful opponent, hoping to solidify its place in the competition, and Cat King fought the menacing bar spinner of Medusa.

"We chose Medusa because we wanted a STRONG opponent. Defeating them, we knew would prove our strength, prove it to the celebrities, that we are worth of being on their team."
— Martin Mason
Cat King vs Medusa

Medusa lands the first attack but comes off worse

Medusa vs Cat King

Cat King smashes into a stranded Medusa

After both robots quickly spun up their blades, Medusa made the more active charge, running head-first into Cat King for a collision which threw Medusa across the arena, also causing some damage to Cat King. Having bounced across the arena on its own blade, Medusa landed on top of the arena wall near the 'out of the arena' zone, with one tire suspended on the wall. With one lifting arm raised, and Emma Dumont pensive in fear, Cat King charged in to hit the stranded Medusa, throwing it into the air. Medusa landed with a crash, and although it was able to spin up its bar to dangerous speeds, the robot itself was mostly immobile, only twitching in place, and the referee counted Medusa out, awarding a quick win by knockout to Cat King, who then chose to join Emma Dumont's team.

"One of you is worthy of my power! Who should have Cat King on their team? I choose Emma!!!"
— Martin Mason while joining Emma Dumont's team

Some time after Cat King's victory, its place on Emma Dumont's team came under threat, as too many robots had joined the same team, and Dumont needed to remove two out of Cat King, Storm Cut, Doraemon and Excelsior. Martin Mason proudly declared his belief in Cat King and why it deserved to be on her team, and after Emma Dumont chose to keep Storm Cut, she then decided to keep Cat King, at the expense of Doraemon and Excelsior.

Moving into the next round, Cat King's place on the team was again in danger, as it or Storm Cut would be eliminated if Emma Dumont's team did not prevail over Di Yang's team over the course of three fights. Nevertheless, Cat King defended this position by teaming up with Spectre to defeat ORBY Blade and Rhino.

Cat king vs orby blade

Cat King throws ORBY Blade over

Spectre and cat king vs rhino

Cat King gets underneath Rhino as Spectre corners it

Immediately, Cat King targeted ORBY Blade and smacked the South Korean machine over for an immediate knockout. Cat King and Spectre were therefore able to team up on Rhino, and although Rhino landed good blows on Spectre, Cat King continued to ram and trap it. Spectre lured Rhino towards the nearby hammer, allowing Cat King to hit and lift Rhino with its own spinner. With Rhino perched on top of Cat King, Spectre sunk its teeth into Rhino, before pushing and dragging Rhino into the grinders, ORBY Blade and the spikes in quick succession. Cat King slammed into the helpless Rhino twice more, breaking Rhino's drive belts and flipping it over. With Rhino unable to self-right, Cat King and Spectre earned a win for Emma Dumont.

Under its new team management of Ye Hong Li, Cat King represented its team in a head-to-head against Earth Shovel of Tao Shen's team.

Cat King vs Earth Shovel 1

Cat King blasts Earth Shovel back

Cat King vs Earth Shovel

Cat King clatters into the side of Earth Shovel

Cat King sustained an opening slam from Earth Shovel, but Cat King's forks were lower to the floor, giving them a ground clearance advantage. Earth Shovel then made a measured shove, bumping into the side of Cat King while avoiding the accelerating spinner. The floor flipper disrupted the motions of Cat King, causing it only to scrape the back end of Earth Shovel upon contact, and Earth Shovel cleanly resisted Cat King's next charge. However after this time, Cat King had fully spun its blade up to speed, and it connected with the flipper of Earth Shovel, launching it across the arena and slicing through its wedge. Cat King was not far behind in pursuit, and delivered another big hit to Earth Shovel, ripping up its side.

Cat King vs Earth Shovel 2

Cat King is thrown over by Earth Shovel

Earth Shovel vs Cat King

Cat King's self-righting is disrupted

Yet, just when Cat King thought it had a clear advantage, it rode up the wedge of Cat King and was flipped over. Cat King rolled back, but used its lifting arms to self-right. However, Earth Shovel was quicker with its response, and flipped Cat King directly onto its side during the self-righting attempt. Cat King still tumbled back down, and delivered two consecutive blows to Earth Shovel's flipper, prompting Earth Shovel to ram it hard in retaliation, knocking Cat King off the floor briefly.

Mao Wang vs Earth Shovel

Cat King throws Earth Shovel onto its side

Cat King vs Earthshovel

Cat King's lifting arm holds Earth Shovel in place

Unfortunately for Earth Shovel, the damage to its wedge was preventing it from gaining a purchase, and easily allowed Cat King to bite into it with another big hit, launching Earth Shovel onto its side by the arena wall. Cat King knocked Earth Shovel down from this position, but the two became stuck together via Cat King's lifter. Cat King carried Earth Shovel around the arena for a period of time, with even Earth Shovel's flips and the arena floor flipper being unable to separate the two machines, until a third attempt from Earth Shovel to flip itself free resulted in it landing on Cat King's blade, taking more damage as the two finally separated.

Catking vs Earth Shovel

Cat King tries to rip away the loose panel of Earth Shovel

Earth Shovel flips Cat King

Cat King is flipped over at the very end

Earth Shovel was left completely inverted after the separation, and seemed to be motionless, with the referee starting to count it out. Despite this, Earth Shovel successfully self-righted with only a few seconds left on its fatal count. Cat King still delivered more damage to the sides and front of Earth Shovel, shaking its side panel loose, and launching the whole robot into the air with one attack. Cat King continued to cleave away at Earth Shovel, but Earth Shovel still came back for more and rammed directly into Cat King's blade, sustaining more damage. Danger momentarily struck for Cat King as it drove into the Grinder, but otherwise continued to slice into Earth Shovel, trying to rip away its loose side panel. Even though it had sustained numerous attacks, Earth Shovel carried on as though it were unharmed, and in the final two seconds of the battle, it flipped Cat King onto its back.

Cat King did not have time to self-right before the end of the battle, but later self-righted to prove it was not immobile. As a result, the late hopes of Earth Shovel were quashed, and Cat King won the Judges' decision.

"Our battle against the pancake flipper was a certain victory for us. That robot is good for making breakfast, not for fighting!"
— Martin Mason

Ye Hong Li's team advanced to the Final Attrition War, where Cat King was the second robot to represent his team. Cat King fought against Deep-Sea Shark, which had just defeated Warrior to put Ye Hong Li's team at a disadvantage. A win here could have levelled the scores between the two teams. Cat King entered with one lifter and its asymmetrical bar spinner.

Ye Hong Li: "So what's your plan?"
Martin Mason: "We've just gotta pop him over. We've just gotta get a hit on him."
Ye Hong Li: "You have to go around, because I think his front end looks quite low."
Martin Mason: "Yeah, no we can't go straight onto him."
Ye Hong Li: "Just enjoy it, it's OK."
— The captain's words for Cat King
Deep-Sea Shark vs Cat King

Cat King's drive system is taken out by one hit from Deep-Sea Shark

Cat King vs Deep-Sea Shark

Cat King is counted out

Following advice from its teammates, Deep-Sea Shark hung back in the opening seconds and made no movements other than powering up its spinner, forcing Cat King to make an approach. Cat King was understandably hesitant, and refused to draw near to Deep-Sea Shark, instead just turning in place as its own form of bait. However, this worked out perfectly for Deep-Sea Shark, which seized an opportunity with one of Cat King's larger swerves, and it clipped Cat King directly on its front-right wheel. This disabled Cat King's movement on one side, and Deep-Sea Shark backed off, having secured a one-hit knockout. Cat King turned in place until it was counted out by the referee, and it lost the battle by knockout, putting Ye Hong Li's team at a further disadvantage. Ultimately Huang Jian Xiang's team won the Attrition War, resigning Cat King and the rest of Ye Hong Li's team to second place.


This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Top 13
Preliminary Rumble vs. Greedy Snake, Spike Head, Whirlwind Not selected
NOTE: After the group battles had concluded, Cat King was selected by Zheng Shuang.
Episode 3, Rumble vs. 008, Red River Hong, Weber Lost
Celebrity Head-to-Head
(driven by Zheng Shaung)
vs. Weber Lost
Episode 8, 1v1 vs. Great White Won
Episode 8, 1v1 vs. Xiake Won
NOTE: After this round, Zheng Shuang was required to cull her team down to three robots, and eliminated Cat King at this stage.
King of Bots II (Season 2)
Main Championship
Part of Ye Hong Li's team
Challenger Round vs. Iron Scrap Lost
Redemption Round vs. Medusa Won
Episode 5, 2v2
(with Spectre)
vs. ORBY Blade & Rhino Won
Episode 10, 1v1 vs. Earth Shovel Won
Final Attrition War vs. Deep-Sea Shark Lost


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 4

NOTE: Cat King's preliminary rumble in Season 1.5 is not considered to be a win or a loss.

Series RecordEdit

Cataclysm stats

Cat King's statistics

Series Cat King Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 1.5 Zheng Shuang's team, Top 13
(2-2 record)
Season 2 Ye Hong Li's team, joint runners-up
(3-2 record)

Outside King of BotsEdit


CAD of Cat King

Cat King was designed by Team Food Fight, and the entire build process was live streamed on Twitch. This is one of the first and only heavyweights to have been designed in a public setting.

Outside of This is Fighting Robots, Cat King is known as Cataclysm, and entered RoboGames 2018 under the captaincy of Team Bad Kitty. The robot's weapon was instead a vertical bar spinner. It fought ShapeShifter in the first round, and ripped through its wedge using its bar spinner, then pinned ShapeShifter on the wall for a win by knockout. It fought Gruff in the second round, but lost the use of its weapon, and was immobilized by Gruff on two separate occasions. Although Gruff sportingly released Cataclysm, the Judges' decision went in favor of Gruff, placing Cataclysm in the losers' bracket, where it fought Khaos and removed its batteries with a powerful blow. It then qualified for the top eight after defeating Ragin Scotsman on a Judges' decision. Despite an initial lead, Cataclysm was defeated by Lucky after being stranded on the arena wall.

Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty at BattleBots in 2016

Team member Martin Mason had previously entered the second season of BattleBots on ABC with Bad Kitty in 2016, which also featured a small minibot and served as a predecessor to the cat-themed robots such as Cat King. Bad Kitty lost its only battle to Black Ice in a three-way rumble to enter the main bracket of the tournament, after being overturned near the wall of the BattleBox.

WAR Hawk

WAR Hawk at BattleBots in 2018

A separately built version of Cat King's core design also competed in the 2018 season of BattleBots under the ownership of Western Allied Robotics, where it would be known as WAR Hawk. This was a modified version of Cat King's vertical disk configuration which took advantage of the extra weight allowed by BattleBots and had a much more robust front wedge. Martin Mason and Emmanuel Carrillo were present as team members. In its first battle, it fought the full-body drum spinner of Axe Backwards and easily overpowered the fellow spinner, throwing it into the air and later removing its wheel, leading to a knockout victory for WAR Hawk. In a battle against a fellow vertical spinner, WAR Hawk was ultimately immobilized by Brutus. WAR Hawk's third battle was against Overhaul, and entered alongside a minibot named War Stop. Although WAR Hawk quickly lost the full use of one wheel, its destructive blows led to Overhaul briefly catching fire, and eventually losing mobility in the final seconds of the match, allowing WAR Hawk to win the Judges' decision. In its final qualifying match, WAR Hawk brought its win/loss ratio up to a positive 3-1 record, after defeating Free Shipping via Judges' decision. This 3-1 record was still not enough to directly earn a position in the Top 16, but WAR Hawk was able to defeat End Game and Brutus in a three-way vertical spinner rumble to earn the fifteenth seed within the post-season tournament. Here, it was drawn up against the second seed Bronco. Despite a promising start, WAR Hawk was eventually thrown into the BattleBox screws by Bronco and although it was freed, it lost mobility soon afterwards, eliminating it from the competition.

  • WAR Hawk (ramped wedge) at BattleBots 2019
  • WAR Hawk (flat wedge) at BattleBots 2019
  • WAR Hawk with its team at BattleBots 2019
  • Mad-Catter at BattleBots 2019
  • Mad-Catter with Team Bad Kitty at BattleBots 2019
  • Martin Mason at BattleBots 2019

WAR Hawk returned for the 2019 season of BattleBots, with various interchangeable front ends and spinning weapons, and an upgraded WAR Stop minibot. Martin Mason and Emmanuel Carrillo were both sporadically members of the team. In its first battle, WAR Hawk faced the Dutch entry Petunia, and earned its first win of the season with a quick knockout. However, the flipper of Hydra split WAR Hawk into three separate pieces for a critical loss. This convinced the team to enter the Desperado bracket, where WAR Hawk defeated Ragnarök, but lost to Black Dragon in the semi-final. This put WAR Hawk back into the main season, where it was soundly beaten by Copperhead, ending its season at a 2-3 record.

Team Bad Kitty also separately competed in the same season of BattleBots with Mad-Catter, a robot armed with an axe and lifting forks. A reserve entry for the season, Mad-Catter was captained by Martin Mason, with Emmanuel Carrillo also present. Its first battle to be broadcast was against RailGun Max, where a powerful hit from the Chinese spinner split Mad-Catter into two halves, also flipping the larger module onto its side for a knockout. Nevertheless, Mad-Catter did collect two victories outside of the televised broadcast, including a win over BattleSaw. This was not enough to put Mad-Catter into the top 16, but it made one final televised appearance in a tag team battle, where it competed alongside fellow This is Fighting Robots competitor Chronos against British pairing Monsoon and Ragnarok. Mad-Catter took severe damage from Monsoon, losing its axe head and being split apart again, and although it managed to survive to a judges' decision, it and Chronos lost unanimously.

Team Food Fight primarily competed in the insect weight classes, with Cat King being the team's first heavyweight project. Their lighter robots include:

  • Plastic Fork Bot
  • Pizza Slicer Bot with its RoboGames medal
  • Pizza Slicer Bot after receiving upgrades
  • Hotdog Roller
  • The Big Smack
  • Footlong
  • Double Stuff
  • Initial CAD of Wurst Nightmare
  • Plastic Fork Bot, an antweight armed with a broad, flat wedge, and an electric arm designed to hold robots in place.
  • Pizza Slicer Bot, an antweight armed with a vertical bar spinner, which finished in third place at RoboGames in 2016.
  • Pizza Cutter Bot, an antweight armed with a thin spinning drisc.
  • The Big Smack, an antweight full body spinner, visually resembling a cheeseburger.
  • Hotdog Roller, an invertible antweight armed with a wide drum spinner, initially planned to resemble a hotdog.
  • Pizza King, the successor to Pizza Slicer Bot, also an antweight armed with a vertical bar spinner.
  • Footlong, a fairyweight armed with a vertical bar spinner, using a prominent wedge.
  • Double Stuff, an invertible antweight armed with a drisc thicker than that of Pizza Cutter Bot, which uses a brushless drive.

Team Food Fight competed at RoboGames in 2018 with a 60lb invertible robot Wurst Nightmare, armed with an 18lb drum spinner, which lost its opening battle to Asterion but defeated Dark Ripper, Cassowari and Cornholio, before falling to Tastes Like Burning in the top eight.


  • Cat King was the first spinner to throw another robot out of the arena in This is Fighting Robots.

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