Elevate is a Scottish featherweight robot which competed in the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championships. Entered by Edinburgh-based Team Triforce, it had a very limited run of success, initially forfeiting its first qualification round against Amnesia and Strix after not being ready in time to fight. Elevate managed to compete in its remaining melees, but lost to Nigel Barrage due to issues with its drive belts[1], and Nelly the Ellybot following a knockout blow from Telekinesis, despite landing critical damage to the latter. As a result, it was eliminated from the 2018 UK International Championships.

Elevate also fought in one eight-way whiteboard battle, but suffered more traction issues, resulting in it getting flipped over by Impact in the opening seconds. As a result of not being able to drive upside-down, it was counted out, and later sustained a blow from the drum of X-303 which re-righted it.[2]



Elevate at the King of Bots UK Championship

Elevate was a four-wheel drive, box-shaped robot equipped with a front-mounted spinning drum. The drum, weighing 3.5kg, featured two black single-toothed discs and was designed to rotate at 14,000rpm[3], with a maximum of 10,500rpm being recorded during testing.[4] Elevate’s design also incorporated a 20mm aluminium chassis, with 4mm HARDOX 500 and 2mm titanium panels being used for armor.[5] The robot's top speed was claimed to be 25mph according to its statistics card, although Elevate was not able to demonstrate this capability due to the issues it faced in combat.


King of Bots UK 2018 (Insomnia 63)
Main Championship
Qualification Rounds
Rumble vs. Amnesia, Strix Forfeited (0 points)
Rumble vs. Nigel Barrage, The Mighty Unicorn Lost (1 point)
Rumble vs. Nelly the Ellybot, Telekinesis Lost (1 point)
Whiteboard Battles
Whiteboard vs. The Claw, Impact, Satanix, X-303, Mini ACE, Forge Master, BANE Lost
NOTE: Although the winner of its whiteboard was not announced, Elevate was counted out and eliminated after being flipped by Impact.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 4

Outside King of BotsEdit

Prior to building Elevate, Team Triforce constructed a heavyweight full-body spinner, Triforce, which was intended to appear in the rebooted series of Robot Wars. Utilising an invertible design with a rim spinner and an omni-directional drive system with three pairs of wheels, it was initially not selected to compete in Series 9, but successfully entered and attended filming for Series 10. Planned to participate in the fourth heat of the series, Triforce encountered mobility issues while testing in the main arena, and withdrew from Series 10 as a result.

Elevate 2019

Elevate 2 in August 2019

In mid-2019, Team Triforce completed Elevate 2, boasting a large 5kg drum with top speeds of over 10,000rpm. It debuted at Robodojo in July 2019, although issues with its weapon plagued it throughout the event, and it lost its four fights to Drumroll, Get Shrekt, Captain Jack Spinnah and Burnout. Elevate 2 returned for the UK Featherweight Championship in 2019, but lost all four of its fights in its heat to Amnesia, Revolver, Blunt Force Trauma 3 and Plastic Fantastic, only collecting a win by default over Virus. However, it instead managed to win the Tag Team title, alongside Forge Master II.



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