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*Wins: 0
*Wins: 0
*Losses: 1
*Losses: 1
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[[Category:2019 Opening Battle competitors]]
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Ghost No. 1 was a Chinese heavyweight robot which competed in the King of Bots 2019 Opening Battle. Representing the red team, it fought one head-to-head battle against Tánshè, but lost after having its entire weapon assembly shear off following an attack by the Season 1.5 runner-up.

A featherweight version of Ghost No. 1 also competed in various live events held by King of Bots, with a reasonable amount of success.


Ghost No.1 arena

Ghost No. 1 in the arena

Ghost Mk 1

Side view of Ghost No. 1

Ghost No. 1 was an invertible, two-wheel drive robot with a gray chassis and red wheel rims. Its weapon was a horizontally-mounted bar spinner, painted blue, which proved capable of causing considerable damage during its only battle. The shape of Ghost No. 1, along with its exposed wheels, gave it a passing resemblance to other invertible horizontal spinners of its kind, notably BattleBots heavyweight competitor Tombstone.

Robot History

2019 Opening Battle

KoB 2019 Round 5 1

Tánshè gets underneath Ghost No. 1

KoB 2019 Round 5 2

Ghost No. 1 recoils upon hitting the front of Tánshè

Ghost No. 1 was one of ten heavyweight robots which attended the 2019 Opening Battle, where it competed as part of the red team. There, it fought one head-to-head battle against British entry – and Season 1.5 runner-up - Tánshè. Ghost No. 1 left its starting position tentatively, negotiating its way across the arena before driving towards and dodging Tánshè in the center. Turning round near the circular saws, it pursued Tánshè for a few seconds, only to be collected and driven under by the Team Legion machine. Unfazed, Ghost No. 1 approached Tánshè again, but was unable to hit the latter again immediately. After spinning around, it drove towards and into the front of Tánshè, gouging a sizable hole through its opponent's flipper in the process. However, Ghost No. 1 recoiled following this attack, flipping itself violently into the grinders. As a result, it was pressured towards the corner spikes by Tánshè, and briefly got impaled on them as its bar spinner began rotating again.

KoB 2019 Round 5 3

Ghost No. 1 short-circuits after being flipped and dismantled by Tánshè

KoB 2019 Round 5 4

Tánshè tosses the remains of Ghost No. 1 into the upper wall

KoB 2019 horizontal spinner dismantled

Ghost No. 1 lies in pieces

Tanshe 2019 damage

Although it lost the battle, Ghost No. 1 was still able to cause considerable damage to Tánshè's flipper

Sparks flew as Ghost No. 1's spinner hit the wall, and the robot itself broke free from the spikes. Ghost No. 1 hesitated for a few seconds, before driving out of the corner and being collected by Tánshè once more. This time, it was scooped and pushed towards the wall by Tánshè, which promptly threw Ghost No. 1 upwards into the air. Ghost No. 1's spinner clipped the top of Tánshè as it landed, causing its entire weapon assembly to break off; the robot itself also began short-circuiting as it twitched beside the wall spikes. Effectively dismantled at this stage, Ghost No. 1 was thrown against the wall several times by Tánshè, before being fully counted out. As a result, it lost its solitary battle to Tánshè via knockout.


Season 2
2019 Opening Battle
Part of Red team
Head-to-Head vs. Tánshè Lost
Ghost No.1 stats

Ghost No. 1's statistics for the 2019 Opening Battle


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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