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Ghostly Float was a Chinese competitor robot which fought in Season 2 of King of Bots. Despite its unique appearance resembling a UFO, it was not selected by any of the celebrity captains during the first round, forcing it into a four-way rumble including the seasoned Xiake, which Ghostly Float could not defeat.


Ghostly Float with its team captain

Ghostly Float was designed to visually resemble a UFO, being a circular robot armed with two decorative antennae, which may also aid with the robot's self-righting, and indicating the robot's current direction to its driver. The robot's weapon was a spinning outer rim with four blades, covering the entire outer circumference of the machine with a powerful offence. However, the robot was hard to drive, and may suffer from self-righting issues, with its rim also being subject to bends from big hits.

Robot History

King of Bots II (Season 2)

Ghostly Float was among the Chinese robots available for selection in the opening rounds of the competition. However, its team was not approached by the celebrity captains, and ultimately the first round concluded without Ghostly Float being selected for a celebrity team. As a result, it was knocked into the redemption rounds. There, it was drawn into a four-way rumble against the highly successful Xiake, alongside Green Goblin and Reaper.

Ghostly Float snatches a wheel from Green Goblin

Xiake tosses Ghostly Float into the air

Ghostly Float completely avoided the action for most of the fight, focusing on reaching top spinning speeds while Reaper was imobilized and Xiake was damaged. When it made its first move, Ghostly Float cruised in and delivered a significant blow to the side of Green Goblin, tearing one of its tires away, while Xiake closed in and hit the same area of Green Goblin. While Xiake was pushing Green Goblin back, Ghostly Float hit Xiake from behind, causing minor damage. At an unclear point in the battle, Ghostly Float also landed a more significant blow on Xiake, sending it spinning away. Towards the end of the fight, Ghostly Float ripped another wheel away from Green Goblin, but Xiake caught up and launched it into the air for a rough landing. Time expired on the battle, and the Judges declared Xiake victorious in the final rumble of the redemption round, meaning that Ghostly Float would be eliminated from the competition after only one battle.


King of Bots II (Season 2)
Main Championship
Eliminated in Redemption Round
Redemption Round vs. Green Goblin, Reaper, Xiake Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record

Series Ghostly Float Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 1.5 Did not enter
Season 2 Eliminated in Redemption Round
(0-1 record)


  • As it survived to a Judges' decision, Ghostly Float (alongside Green Goblin) was the last robot to be eliminated in the Redemption Round of Season 2.