逆鳞 (translated as Inverse Scales) was a robot from Shanghai, China, which competed in the first season of King of Bots. In its only appearance to date, it lost its first-round battle to Hunting Wind on a Judges’ decision, after sustaining damage and losing mobility in the closing stages of the fight.


Inverse Scales camera

Inverse Scales' on-board cameras, prior to installation

Inverse Scales was a green and gold (initially grey and gold), box-shaped robot with a four-wheel drive system and sidepods between the exposed wheels. Its weapon was a front-mounted ‘hob cutter’, a drum-like spinner consisting of several small cutting blades mounted on the same axle – the weapon mount also formed a front wedge designed to lead other robots into the spinner. Inverse Scales also featured a set of on-board cameras mounted behind the ‘hob cutter’ – one with infrared imaging technology – providing the team with an enhanced view of the robot’s surroundings as well as information on its opponents’ temperature.

Robot History

Season 1

Hunting Wind vs Inverse Scales 1

Inverse Scales survives Hunting Wind's first hammer blow

Hunting Wind crosshair

Inverse Scales makes a run at Hunting Wind

Inverse Scales appeared in Episode 3, where it fought Hunting Wind in the first round. It started tentatively, backing towards the wall spikes before Hunting Wind approached and attempted to hit it; Hunting Wind clipped Inverse Scales’ spinning weapon, although neither robot caused any noticeable damage. At last, Inverse Scales drove out of the red square, turning around before reversing and driving into Hunting Wind, gently pushing the latter back. As it did so, it sustained a hammer blow from Hunting Wind which dented one of its top armor panels, and struggled to drive away as Hunting Wind later rammed and hammered its left-front wheel.

Hunting Wind vs Inverse Scales 2

Hunting Wind leaves a dent in Inverse Scales' armor

Hunting Wind vs Inverse Scales 3

Inverse Scales sustains yet more damage

In the later stages, it became apparent that Inverse Scales was struggling to turn around – it attempted to make two lunges at Hunting Wind, only to be hammered by the latter once again and sustain more damage. With its control problems worsening, Inverse Scales shuttled back and forth across different parts of the arena, before becoming immobilized with seconds of the battle remaining. It lasted long enough to survive to a Judges’ decision; the decision went in favor of Hunting Wind, eliminating Inverse Scales from the competition.


Season 1
Main Championship
First Round
Round 1 vs. Inverse Scales Lost


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  • Losses: 1

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