Season 2 of King of Bots is the show's second main season, filmed in May 2019[1] and debuting later that summer. Season 2 follows directly from Season 1 and the 2019 Opening Battle, and is currently being broadcast on various channels and streaming services, including Zhejiang TV and Youku. As with Season 1, full episodes were also made available on the official Zhejiang TV YouTube channel following their initial airing.[2]


While following directly on from Season 1, Season 2 derives elements from the spin-off show This is Fighting Robots, including the presence of six celebrities divided into two teams of three. Participating celebrities included Emma Dumont, Zhu Zheng Ting, Tao Shen, Di Yang, Huang Jian Xiang (who had previously appeared in Season 1 as a panelist/commentator) and Tu Ziya.

In the opening stages of the competition, celebrities were tasked with choosing one robot each for their respective teams, which would then take part in a series of one-on-one or melee battles drawn at random. Winning robots would be allocated a place on each individual celebrity's team; the selection process would begin anew until all places had been filled.


Episode 1Edit

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Episode 1 first aired on 14th July 2019[3], featuring the first nine battles of the season as well as an educational segment titled Robo Genius.

Robots competing: Bullseye, Button Lee, Cracked Sword, Deep-Sea Shark, Drift, Emerald, Greedy Snake, Iron Scrap, Mist Lion, Ocean Waves, Pixel Hunter, Po Feng, Saber, The Doctor, The Magical Windmill, The Martian, Two BBQ, Xiake


  • Two BBQ vs Xiake: Xiake won
  • The Martian vs Pixel Hunter: Pixel Hunter won
  • Iron Scrap vs Ocean Waves: Iron Scrap won
  • Greedy Snake vs Emerald: Emerald won
  • Bullseye vs Deep-Sea Shark: Deep-Sea Shark won
  • Mist Lion vs Button Lee: Mist Lion won
  • Drift vs The Doctor: Drift won
  • Cracked Sword vs Po Feng: Cracked Sword won
  • Saber vs The Magical Windmill: Saber won

Episode 2Edit

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Episode 2 first aired on 21st July 2019, featuring the remaining eight battles of the opening stage of the competition. These battles helped finalize the celebrity team rosters ahead of future rounds. The educational segment Robo Genius also featured at the end of this episode.

Robots competing: Black Rabbit, Earth Shovel, Green Goblin, Hold Me Back, Flaming Wheel, Iron Barbie, Iron Rooster, Little Qinglong, Medusa, Ouch Ouch, Pot of Love, Reaper, Red River Bull, Silver Scorpion, Storm Slasher, TUZI, Twin Panthers, White Tiger Guardian


  • Medusa vs Ouch Ouch: Medusa won
  • Flaming Wheel vs TUZI: Flaming Wheel won
  • Reaper vs Silver Scorpion: Reaper won
  • Black Rabbit vs Hold Me Back: Black Rabbit won
  • Iron Rooster vs Little Qinglong vs Red River Bull: Red River Bull won
  • Iron Barbie vs Twin Panthers vs White Tiger Guardian: White Tiger Guardian won
  • Earth Shovel vs Pot of Love: Earth Shovel won
  • Green Goblin vs Storm Slasher: Storm Slasher won

Celebrity Teams

Celebrity Robots
Emma Dumont Drift, Medusa, White Tiger Guardian
Zhu Zheng Ting Cracked Sword, Reaper, Black Rabbit
Tao Shen Pixel Hunter, Earth Shovel, Storm Slasher
Di Yang Mist Lion, Saber, Red River Bull
Huang Jian Xiang Xiake, Deep-Sea Shark, Flaming Wheel
Tu Ziya Iron Scrap, Emerald, Earth Mover

NOTE: At the end of this episode, Earth Mover was also highlighted and added to Tu Ziya's team without it fighting a battle

Episode 3 Edit

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Episode 3 first aired on 28th July 2019, featuring the debut of the first twelve international competitors. All twelve machines from outside China fought a battle against a Chinese machine which had already been selected for one of the six celebrity teams, to try and take their place on the team. The educational segment Robo Genius also featured at the end of this episode.

International robots competing: Big Carioca (BRA), Cat King (USA), Excelsior (USA), Megabyte (USA), Monster (GHA), ORBY Blade (KOR), Rhino (GBR), Spectre (GBR), Switch (GBR), Tánshè (GBR), Vulcan (GBR), Yesaji (IND)

Chinese robots competing: Cracked Sword, Deep-Sea Shark, Earth Shovel, Emerald, Iron Scrap, Medusa, Mist Lion, Reaper, Red River Bull, Storm Slasher, White Tiger Guardian, Xiake


  • Spectre (GBR) vs White Tiger Guardian (CHN): Spectre won
  • Megabyte (USA) vs Medusa (CHN): Megabyte won
  • Cat King (USA) vs Iron Scrap (CHN): Iron Scrap won
  • Yesaji (IND) vs Emerald (CHN): Emerald won
  • Monster (GHA) vs Earth Shovel (CHN): Earth Shovel won
  • Tánshè (GBR) vs Reaper (CHN): Tánshè won
  • Vulcan (GBR) vs Xiake (CHN): Vulcan won
  • Excelsior (USA) vs Deep-Sea Shark (CHN): Deep-Sea Shark won
  • Switch (GBR) vs Cracked Sword (CHN): Switch won
  • Big Carioca (BRA) vs Storm Slasher (CHN): Big Carioca won
  • ORBY Blade (KOR) vs Red River Bull (CHN): ORBY Blade won
  • Rhino (GBR) vs Mist Lion (CHN): Rhino won

Celebrity Teams

Celebrity Robots
Emma Dumont Spectre, Megabyte, Drift
Zhu Zheng Ting Switch, Black Rabbit, Tánshè
Tao Shen Big Carioca, Earth Shovel, Pixel Hunter
Di Yang Rhino, ORBY Blade, Saber
Huang Jian Xiang Vulcan, Deep-Sea Shark, Flaming Wheel
Tu Ziya Iron Scrap, Emerald, Earth Mover

Episode 4 Edit

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Episode 4 first aired on 4th August 2019, introducing the redemption rounds, where every robot to have lost a battle so far would fight for survival, and either take the fourth/fifth places on the celebrity teams, or face permanent elimination from the tournament.

Robots competing: Bullfighter, Bullseye, Button Lee, Cat King, Cracked Sword, Doraemon, Excelsior, Fat-Head Fish, Ghostly Float, Giraffe, Green Goblin, Hold Me Back, Huntsman, Iron Barbie, Iron Rooster, Medusa, Mist Lion, Monster, Mr Hippo, Land Dragon, Little Qinglong, Ouch Ouch, Po Feng, Pot of Love, Reaper, Snake, Silver Scorpion, Stalker, Storm Slasher, Tank, The Doctor, The Magical Windmill, The Martian, Thunder, TUZI, Twin Panthers, Two BBQ, White Tiger Guardian, Xiake, Yesaji

Head-to-Head Battles

  • Cat King vs Medusa: Cat King won
  • TUZI vs Two BBQ: Two BBQ won
  • Doraemon vs Giraffe: Doraemon won
  • Iron Barbie vs Monster: Iron Barbie won
  • The Martian vs Excelsior: Excelsior won
  • Snake vs The Doctor: Snake won
  • Storm Slasher vs Silver Scorpion: Storm Slasher won
  • Mist Lion vs Bullfighter: Mist Lion won

NOTE: Despite winning their fights and joining a celebrity team, Doraemon, Iron Barbie and Excelsior were excluded after their teams had too many robots participating


  • Mr Hippo vs Ouch Ouch vs Stalker vs White Tiger Guardian: Mr Hippo won
  • Fat-Head Fish vs Po Feng vs Pot of Love vs Twin Panthers: Po Feng won
  • Button Lee vs Cracked Sword vs Little Qinglong vs Tank: Cracked Sword won
  • Bullseye vs Iron Rooster vs Land Dragon vs Yesaji: Yesaji won
  • Hold Me Back vs Huntsman vs The Magical Windmill vs Thunder: Thunder won
  • Ghostly Float vs Green Goblin vs Reaper vs Xiake: Xiake won

NOTE: All of the rumble winners, as well as Doraemon, were selected for a celebrity team

Celebrity Teams

Celebrity Robots
Emma Dumont Spectre, Megabyte, Drift, Cat King, Storm Slasher
Zhu Zheng Ting Switch, Black Rabbit, Tánshè, Two BBQ, Snake
Tao Shen Big Carioca, Earth Shovel, Pixel Hunter, Mr Hippo, Po Feng
Di Yang Rhino, ORBY Blade, Saber, Mist Lion, Cracked Sword
Huang Jian Xiang Vulcan, Deep-Sea Shark, Flaming Wheel, Thunder, Xiake
Tu Ziya Iron Scrap, Emerald, Earth Mover, Yesaji, Doraemon

Episode 5 Edit

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Episode 5 first aired on 11th August 2019, directly pitting celebrity teams against each other. Before each fight, the five robots on each team were split into two double-battles and one head-to-head. If a team lost two of their three initial fights, they would either have to eliminate one of two pre-determined robots or choose to have their designated captain fight a one-on-two battle, where victory would prevent the team from losing a robot.

Robots Competing: Big Carioca, Black Rabbit, Cat King, Cracked Sword, Drift, Megabyte, Mr Hippo, ORBY Blade, Pixel Hunter, Rhino, Saber, Snake, Spectre, Storm Slasher, Tánshè

Zhu Zheng Ting vs Tao Shen

  • Black Rabbit vs Big Carioca: Black Rabbit won
  • Snake & Tánshè vs Mr Hippo & Pixel Hunter: Snake & Tánshè won

NOTE: Tao Shen chose to eliminate Pixel Hunter at this stage

Emma Dumont vs Di Yang

  • Megabyte vs Cracked Sword: Megabyte won
  • Cat King & Spectre vs ORBY Blade & Rhino: Cat King & Spectre won

NOTE: Di Yang chose to have Saber fight alone to prevent eliminating a robot

  • Drift & Storm Slasher vs Saber: Drift & Storm Slasher won

NOTE: Di Yang chose to eliminate ORBY Blade at this stage

Episode 6 Edit

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Episode 6 first aired on 18th August 2019, continuing on from the previous episode. As well as completing the first round of team battles, the second round of team battles also commenced. These featured four robots from each team being split into two head-to-heads and one double battle. As with the previous round, a losing celebrity would have to cut a robot from their team if they lost two of three fights.

The episode began with the conclusion of the previous round, where Di Yang chose to eliminate Orby Blade from his team.

Robots Competing: Black Rabbit, Deep-Sea Shark, Doraemon, Earth Mover, Emerald, Flaming Wheel, Iron Scrap, Snake, Switch, Thunder, Two BBQ, Vulcan, Xiake, Yesaji

Huang Jian Xiang vs Tu Ziya

  • Flaming Wheel vs Yesaji: Yesaji won
  • Thunder & Deep-Sea Shark vs Iron Scrap & Earth Mover: Thunder & Deep-Sea Shark won
  • Vulcan & Xiake vs Doraemon & Emerald: Vulcan & Xiake won

NOTE: Tu Ziya chose to eliminate Earth Mover at this stage

Zhu Zheng Ting vs Tu Ziya

  • Two BBQ vs Doraemon: Two BBQ won
  • Black Rabbit vs Iron Scrap: Iron Scrap won
  • Snake & Switch vs Emerald & Yesaji: Snake & Switch won

NOTE: Tu Ziya chose to eliminate Emerald at this stage


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