The third episode of King of Bots Season 2 aired on 21st July 2019. It saw the debut of twelve international competitors, vying to replace Chinese machines on existing celebrity teams.

The end of the episode also featured Robo Genius, an educational segment exploring different aspects of robot building and combat.

Competing robots

International robots

Chinese robots


With all six celebrities filling their teams with three Chinese robots each, this episode introduced twelve robots from outside China, who were all competing for places on the teams. After each international team was selected, they would press a button to be randomly drawn against any of the robots which had already earned a place on a celebrity team. The international robot would then challenge the Chinese robot in a head-to-head battle, to steal their place on the team. If the international robot lost, the Chinese machine would retain its place on the team. A total of twelve battles then took place, dramatically changing the lineup of each celebrity team.


Spectre (GBR) vs White Tiger Guardian (CHN)

Winner: Spectre

Megabyte (USA) vs Medusa (CHN)

Winner: Megabyte

Cat King (USA) vs Iron Scrap (CHN)

Winner: Iron Scrap

Yesaji (IND) vs Emerald (CHN)

Winner: Emerald

Monster (GHA) vs Earth Shovel (CHN)

Winner: Earth Shovel

Tánshè (GBR) vs Reaper (CHN)

Winner: Tánshè

Vulcan (GBR) vs Xiake (CHN)

Winner: Vulcan

Excelsior (USA) vs Deep-Sea Shark (CHN)

Winner: Deep-Sea Shark

Switch (GBR) vs Cracked Sword (CHN)

Winner: Switch

Big Carioca (BRA) vs Storm Slasher (CHN)

Big Carioca vs Storm Slasher

Big Carioca throws Storm Slasher over

Storm Slasher vs Big Carioca

Big Carioca launches Storm Slasher into the air

Both robots spun their weapons up to full speed, but it was Big Carioca that drew first blood, bringing its bar spinner under the blade of Storm Slasher to launch it upwards, and briefly onto its back, although Storm Slasher quickly fell back onto its wheels, after hitting the weapon housing of Big Carioca with the face of its now-motionless weapon while airborne. Big Carioca had completely bent Storm Slasher's blade out of shape with this attack, and when the two robots came together again, Big Carioca threw sparks off the wedge of Storm Slasher, which suddenly started to smoke copiously. Big Carioca did not let up, and connected another blow with the motionless bar spinner of Storm Slasher to launch it into the air and towards the Grinders, although Storm Slasher landed on its wheels.

Carioca vs Storm Slasher

Big Carioca hits the rear wheel of Storm Slasher

Storm Slasher vs Carioca

Storm Slasher starts venting smoke again and loses mobility

The robots returned to the center of the arena, and Big Carioca landed a blow on one of Storm Slasher's rear wheels, which was enough to disable its drive on one side, also further bending the bar spinner of Storm Slasher. While Storm Slasher pivoted on one wheel, it vented more smoke, and came to a complete standstill. Big Carioca therefore won the battle by knockout, and joined Tao Shen's team at Storm Slasher's expense.

Winner: Big Carioca

ORBY Blade (KOR) vs Red River Bull (CHN)

Winner: ORBY Blade

Rhino (GBR) vs Mist Lion (CHN)

Rhino vs Mist Lion

Rhino grinds at Mist Lion's wedgelet

Mist Lion vs Rhino

Rhino moves Mist Lion up the Grinder

Mist Lion stuck

Mist Lion is stuck on the Grinder mount

Rhino and Mist Lion collided head-to-head, with Mist Lion initially bringing Rhino off the floor with a powerful slam. Both robots then aimed their vertical spinners at each other, and Rhino ground away at Mist Lion's wedgelet, throwing sparks. At the end of this exchange, Rhino managed to wedge under the side of Mist Lion, and deliver a series of vertical spinner blows while driving it into the Grinder. The rotating Grinder absorbed Mist Lion, and pulled it up, which Rhino capitalized upon, delivering a light blow with its spinner to throw Mist Lion atop the Grinder, where it perfectly landed on a flat mount next to the arena hazard. With all of Mist Lion's wheels cleared from the arena floor, it could not escape, and the referee counted it out, awarding Rhino the win by knockout. As a result, Rhino joined Di Yang's team, at Mist Lion's expense.

Winner: Rhino

Celebrity Teams

Celebrity Robots
Emma Dumont Spectre, Megabyte, Drift
Zhu Zheng Ting Switch, Black Rabbit, Tánshè
Tao Shen Big Carioca, Earth Shovel, Pixel Hunter
Di Yang Rhino, ORBY Blade, Saber
Huang Jian Xiang Vulcan, Deep-Sea Shark, Flaming Wheel
Tu Ziya Iron Scrap, Emerald, Earth Mover

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