The King of Bots UK Arena was a square area which was used to host all robot battles for the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championships, co-run by Robo Challenge.

In comparison to its television counterparts, the UK Arena was a simpler, square-shaped arena built especially to house the smaller featherweight competitors. This arena featured many characteristics shared with those previously built for the FRA Featherweight championships, including metal walls with railings, an outer enclosure and a space between the inner and outer walls where robots could be thrown out of the arena. As with its televised counterparts, the 2018 UK International Championships arena featured red and blue markings for the arena hazards; as the event progressed, two of the main starting areas would be represented by red and blue triangles on opposite sides.

Hazards Edit

The arena is filled with a range of different hazards to ether assist competitors attempting to immobilize its opponent or to give competitors an extra obstacle to avoid.

Flame JetEdit

Amnesia deflects Take Cover

The flame jet activates as Amnesia deflects Take Cover

A single flame jet occupied the bottom right-hand-side of the arena, marked by a blue square-shaped outline from the second qualification round onwards. In addition to shooting flames whenever competitors drove over or near it, it was also used to signal the start and end of battles.


Barghest pitting

Barghest and Vega end up in the pit together; Barghest would finish this qualification battle second due to Vega touching the bottom first

The pit was the larger of the two hazards present, marked with a red outline. In the 2018 UK International Championships, it was activated by a button on a nearby wall shaped like the King of Bots logo; a warning siren played as soon as the pit began to descend. Robots which touched the bottom of the pit as soon as it opened, or were left stranded over it for more than 10 seconds, would be eliminated instantly. In the event of two or more robots going down at once, the robot which touched the bottom of the pit first would be eliminated.

Outside of King of Bots Edit

The King of Bots UK Arena featured within a segment on the BBC in August featuring Spectre (named as the world champion). Spectre was shown fighting robots in the featherweight division and later against Breakfast Bot, a featherweight robot in the style of Ninja. Spectre picked up the robot and swung it around until it flew out of the mouth and then Breakfast Bot was pitted by Spectre.

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