Ling Zhou is one of the presenters in King of Bots throughout the first season. Throughout her appearances, Ling Zhou wore tight black lycra with red stripes, and a large golden earring, and was never seen without her microphone and cue cards.


Ling Zhou 2

Ling Zhou prepares to announce the winner of a battle

Ling Zhou was present inside and around the King of Bots Arena, offering her a different presenting role to hosts such as Jet Li and Roach. Her role was seemingly inspired by the BattleBots ring announcer Faruq Tauheed, as she would introduce both competing robots as they entered the arena, and offer them a personalised introduction, generating hype before a battle.

After a battle was completed, Ling Zhou would typically interview the winner and occasionally the loser by the side of the arena, if a win by knockout was achieved. In the cases of a Judges' decision, it was the responsibility of Zhou to announce the winner of the battle and congratulate the victorious team.

In some instances, Ling Zhou would speak to competitors in English after the battle, including the teams of The Grubs and Crossfire.

Ling Zhou notably broke into tears after the battle between Tánshè and Hammerhead Shark, joining the team captain of Hammerhead Shark in his sorrows after losing the battle.


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