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弹弩钢盾 (Romanized as dàn nŭ gāng dùn and translated as Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield, Bullet Steel Shield or Strong Crossbow and Steel Shield) is a clusterbot from Shanghai entered into Season 1 by the team, Twin Flowers. An all-female team, their robot was able to defeat Violent Dragon in the first round, before it fell to a very destructive defeat at the hands of Two BBQ.The Twin Flowers entered Season 1.5 with Hammer Hammer.


Bullet Crossbow Steel Shield

Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield with Twin Flowers

Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield

The two robots side-by-side

Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield were a multibot (or 'clusterbot'), although one robot was much heavier than the other. The primary half of the robot was a steep wedge-shaped robot armed with a rear-hinged flipper, seemingly inspired by British robotics champion Eruption. The flipper could overturn heavyweight robots, and also allow the robot to self-right. It runs on two wheels, and uses a pneumatic system to power the flipper.

The other half of the machine was a mobile wedge, driven by two exposed wheels. It serves to hold robots in place so that the flipper can land attacks, while also being invertible.

The flipper robot is decorated with the number 08, while the wedge-shaped robot was decorated with the number 09.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots (Season 1)Edit

Steel Shield vs Storm Dragon

The smaller half tries to push its larger opponent

In the first round, Bullet Steel Shield fought the tall and comedic design, Violent Dragon. The robots were initially evasive, with only the smaller half of the clusterbot attempting to attack, but reared up on the charge and could not drive under Violent Dragon. It later backed into Violent Dragon and tried to push the huge robot towards the arena drum, but could not push the heavier machine. It pressed into the side of Violent Dragon and eventually caused one of its wheels to fall off.

Mighty Crossbow vs Storm Dragon

An attack of the flipper removes Violent Dragon's head

Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield vs Storm Dragon

The combined attack of the clusterbots earns the knockout

The larger multibot fired its flipper at thin air, while the smaller half pushed Violent Dragon into the wall. The flipper was then brought into action for the first time, lifting up Violent Dragon and causing its comedy head to fall away from the robot. Finally, after backing Violent Dragon into the wall, the smaller multibot drove under it so that the flipper could win the match by knockout, toppling its huge foe. The Twin Flowers celebrated, as their robot progressed to the second round.

Grill Judge vs Mighty Crossbow

The robot is tossed into the air by Two BBQ

Grill Judge vs Steel Shield

The smoking wreck of a robot is punished further

Mighty Crossbow battered

The carcass of Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield

In the second round, Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield fought a much more threatening opponent in the vertical spinner of Two BBQ. The smaller multibot started quicker, but Two BBQ targeted the flipper robot, and pushed it across the arena before ripping away the panel of its wedge, leaving it without a way to get under its opponent. After Two BBQ backed away, it came in with another slam to batter the flipper half of Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield into the air with a somersault, ripping open its back end. The robot was now emitting copious amounts of smoke, but amidst the camouflage, Two BBQ landed another shattering blow to toss it into the wall. Lacking a wheel and the ability to self-right, the majority of Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield was counted out while the wedge multibot avoided the weapon of Two BBQ before the battle was ended, leaving the battered opponent to burn in an emotional finish for the Twin Flowers.


King of Bots (Season 1)
Main Championship
Second Round
Round 1 vs. Violent Dragon Won
Round 2 vs. Two BBQ Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

Series Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield Series Record
Season 1 Round 2
(1-1 record)
Season 1.5 Entered with Hammer Hammer
Season 2 Did not enter

Outside King of BotsEdit

The team do not have a background in robotics - rather, one team member is an eSports commentator. Both are portrayed riding horses in their introductions. The team did not actually build their robot[1], instead borrowing it from the builder of the machine, Thomas Lau.


  • Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield was among a number of competitor robots to originally be built by Thomas Lau, which also includes EarthShaker and WU66.



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