红河雄风 (translated as Red River Xiongfeng or Red River Glory) was a Chinese featherweight robot which competed in the King of Bots 2019 Opening Battle. Representing the red team, it fought one head-to-head battle against horizontal spinner Beast; despite ripping one of Beast’s wheels off early on, Red River Xiongfeng lost the battle on a Judges’ decision after suffering numerous mobility issues throughout.

The builder of Red River Xiongfeng had previously competed in Seasons 1 and 1.5 with Wild Beast and Red River Hong respectively, also entering King of Bots II with Mist Lion.


Red River Xiongfeng

Red River Xiongfeng in the pits

Red River Xiongfeng was a compact, two-wheel drive robot with an orange and white color scheme. Its weapon was a large asymmetrical bar spinner, mounted vertically and flanked by two fork-like wedgelets at the center of the robot’s front wedge. In common with other vertical spinner designs seen during the 2019 Opening Battle, Red River Xiongfeng featured two castors on the top of its weapon mount, with the intention of allowing the robot to drive while inverted.

Robot HistoryEdit

2019 Opening BattleEdit

Red River Xiongfeng was one of eight featherweight robots to take part in the 2019 Opening Battle, held to promote the upcoming second season. Representing the red team, it fought horizontal spinner Beast in its solitary head-to-head battle.

KoB 2019 Round 4 1

The first weapon-on-weapon collision between the two spinners

KoB 2019 Round 4 2

Red River Xiongfeng rips a wheel off Beast

KoB 2019 Round 4 3

Red River Xiongfeng (top-right) waits as Beast spins itself into one of the grinders

KoB 2019 Round 4 4

Red River Xiongfeng is lifted by the floor rods

At the start, Red River Xiongfeng darted out of its starting position, weaving its way towards the center of the arena and exchanging a blow with Beast’s spinner. Immediately, it turned and drove into Beast again; the attack sent both robots recoiling and ripped Beast’s right wheel off. Ending up near one of the grinders, Red River Xiongfeng turned and drove forwards, but briefly stopped and shuffled its way over the floor rods. As it did so, it briefly powered its spinner down, then back up again; by this point, a countdown began, and it became clear that neither robot was showing full signs of mobility. Red River Xiongfeng reversed itself over one of the floor rods as Beast was thrust towards it by one of the grinders. It briefly clipped the side of Beast before being lifted twice by the floor rods, having lost full mobility as a result of a seized left wheel. Despite this, Red River Xiongfeng again attacked Beast, sending the black and blue machine spinning away with another weapon-on-weapon hit.

KoB 2019 Round 4 5

Red River Xiongfeng lands another hit on Beast

KoB 2019 Round 4 6

Another deflection from Red River Xiongfeng causes Beast to balance on one wheel

Seconds later, Red River Xiongfeng sustained a hit to its right wheel from Beast, although this was not enough to immobilize it completely. It continued to spin and shuffle towards the center for several seconds, then towards Beast, while the referee began his second countdown. Red River Xiongfeng withstood a front-on blow from a spinning Beast, which was enough to destabilize and throw Beast onto its remaining wheel. It continued to spin and weave towards Beast as the latter drove and was thrown by a nearby grinder, but was unable to land another attack before suddenly stopping. Red River Xiongfeng twitched as the referee began counting it out, turning to face Beast again as the latter hit its front wedge twice. The second collision briefly threw Beast into the air again; Red River Xiongfeng was then pushed back by Beast, and continued to twitch before again stopping altogether, despite yet another countdown from the referee.

KoB 2019 Round 4 8

Beast lands a blow on Red River Xiongfeng's side

Red River Xiongfeng proceeded to weave towards the center again, while Beast was catapulted a great distance after hitting one of the grinder mounts. Briefly getting lifted and caught between the floor rods, it weaved across the arena and towards Beast one more time, but was unable to land another attack on the latter before time ran out. As a result, both robots survived to a Judges’ decision. Despite the damage it inflicted to Beast in the early stages, the decision ruled against Red River Xiongfeng, resulting in a loss for the red team.


Season 2
2019 Opening Battle
Part of Red team
Head-to-Head vs. Beast Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

Red River X team

Red River Xiongfeng's statistics

Series Red River Xiongfeng Series Record
Season 1 Entered with Wild Beast
Season 1.5 Entered with Red River Hong
Season 2 Entered with Mist Lion


  • Despite the naming similarity, it is unknown whether Red River Xiongfeng is related to Season 2 competitor Red River Bull.
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