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Shrapnel is a British featherweight robot which competed in the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championships. Entered by Jarvis Callister, it enjoyed a dominant run in the main competition, winning all three of its qualification battles to reach the Top 20, including one where it tore Orpheus apart in a single hit. Shrapnel proceeded to reach the Quarter-Final stage following two more victories over Hell's Angel and Aegis, but was defeated by Calabash Bros after losing the use of its weapon when flipped over by the Chinese entry and couldn't self-right due to a faulty drive speed controller.


Official profile image of Shrapnel

Shrapnel is a four-wheel drive robot armed with a large vertical flywheel, inspired by American combat robot Big Ripto. The flywheel is made out of 10mm HARDOX 500, and features an asymmetrical design with a single tooth. Much of Shrapnel’s chassis and armor is made out of 4mm thick HARDOX 500, with 2mm carbon fiber base and top panels.[1]

Ahead of the 2018 UK International Championships, Shrapnel received a few extra additions, including a new front wedge and an extra set of interchangeable flywheel and bar spinner weapons.[2] A few of these additions went unused, including the bar spinner, a pair of optional HDPE forks, and a large front wedgelet attached immediately in front of the flywheel, which was held to the floor using magnets.[3]


King of Bots UK 2018 (Insomnia 63)
Main Championship
Rumble vs. Crabsolutely Clawful, Aegis Mk II Won via knockout (4 points)
Rumble vs. Calabash Bros, Strix Won via Judges’ decision (3 points)
Rumble vs. Orpheus, Nigel Barrage Won via knockout (4 points)
Knockout vs. Hell's Angel Won
Round of 12 vs. Aegis Won
Quarter-Final vs. Calabash Bros Lost


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 1