Shrederator Tiger Claw, also shortened to just Shrederator, was a robot from Ormond Beach, Florida in the United States of America which competed in Season 1.5, the debut season of This is Fighting Robots, and also in the second series of King of Bots. Its peak performance was a fourth place overall finish in This is Fighting Robots. Entered by Team LOGICOM, Shrederator Tiger Claw was another entry in the team's series of full-body spinners, which also includes an earlier version of Shrederator and BattleBots competitor Captain Shrederator.

In This is Fighting Robots, Shrederator Tiger Claw advanced to the main bracket after Brian Nave successfully convinced Sa Beining to add it to his team. Despite Brian Nave's criticisms of Sa Beining's approach to the selection process, it would pick up his team's first point after winning its melee against Eater, Fango and Hunting Wind on a Judges' decision. Shrederator Tiger Claw then advanced by immobilizing the South Korean entry Stealth, only losing a battle for the first time under the controls of celebrity captain Sa Beining, before also being flipped over by Tánshè. However, Shrederator Tiger Claw reached the Top 8. In its quarter-final, Shrederator Tiger Claw advanced when Vulcan suddenly lost mobility, but consecutive losses to Tungsten and Xiake resigned Shrederator Tiger Claw to fourth place.

In King of Bots II, Shrederator Tiger Claw joined the competition at a late stage, joining Huang Jian Xiang's team in Episode 7, but would not fight until Episode 9 where it lost to Saber. Nevertheless, it advanced to the final tournament, where it should have faced Spectre, but control issues prevented it from fighting. Despite this, Huang Jian Xiang's team still went on to win the tournament, even without Shrederator Tiger Claw contributing a victory.


Shrederator Tiger Claw

Shrederator Tiger Claw's statistics

Shrederator Tiger Claw arena

Shrederator Tiger Claw in the arena

Shrederator Tiger Claw is painted black, and uses a shell spinner, so that its entire body is protected, and offers a form of attack at the same time. Although this offers 360 degrees of attack and defence, it comes at the cost of a self-righting mechanism. It uses four block-shaped teeth, with great weight behind them, and had a tendency to throw many sparks, although these can be torn away from the robot.

Shrederator Tiger Claw 2

Shrederator Tiger Claw's alternative shell

Shrederator Tiger Claw could also use an alternative shell spinner, used previously by the team in their older machines, Captain Shrederator and The Revolutionist. This substitutes the ramped design for a flat side coated in sharpened teeth, which are lighter than the alternative shell's blocks, but are more plentiful, at the expense of giving the robot a higher ground clearance.

Shrederator Tiger Claw also featured magnets inside its chassis, which could be activated at will by the team, in order to keep the robot in place while it spins up its weapon. However, this ultimately cost Shrederator Tiger Claw after its magnets could not be disabled in its Season 1.5 semi-final battle, overriding its ability to drive.

Shrederator Nave

Shrederator Tiger Claw with Brian Nave in Season 2

The new Shrederator Tiger Claw in King of Bots II featured an even lower profile, and a new brushless drive system. It also boasted three interchangeable shells, although one of these shells proved unsuccessful in a test battle against Huntsman, and was not used in the main competition.

"We have 3 spare shells this year. Don’t worry, our other shell has a much better design. This one was a prototype that just didn’t work. Onto the next one."
— Nick Nave[1]

Robot HistoryEdit

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit

During the team selection process, Brian Nave fought for the attention of Zheng Shaung, noticing that her team already contained Spectre, Tánshè and Tungsten. He effectively lured her away from Megabyte, using Shrederator's victory in the 2006 US Championships as justification, but the influence of the other roboteers eventually led Shaung to choose Megabyte instead. However, Yellow team captain Sa Beining was willing to add Shrederator Tiger Claw to his roster of ten robots, allowing it to advance to the main competition.

"To say I was disappointed in the process that he went through, and I felt that he should've been more serious..."
— Brian Nave on Sa Beining's competitor choices

As part of the Yellow team, Shrederator Tiger Claw was selected to battle Eater, Fango and Hunting Wind, although not without Brian Nave of Team LOGICOM criticizing Beining for his light-hearted approach to the selection process.

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Fango 1

Shrederator Tiger Claw joins Eater in attacking Fango

Shredator vs Eater

Shrederator Tiger Claw puts pressure on the main part of Eater

Initially, it struggled to get its weapon spinning, shuffling back and forth around its starting position before its shell finally started rotating. Shrederator Tiger Claw proceeded to hit the side of Hunting Wind, causing several sparks to fly, before changing its focus to hit the main part of Eater twice. Both spinners momentarily attacked Fango together, before Shrederator Tiger Claw hit Eater several more times, eventually sending the main part of the British multibot spinning across the arena.

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Hunting Wind vs Eater 1

Shrederator Tiger Claw disables one of Eater's spinners with assistance from Hunting Wind

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Hunting Wind 1

Sparks fly as Shrederator Tiger Claw strikes Hunting Wind's front end

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Eater 2

Shrederator attacks the main part of Eater once again...

Shredator vs eater wedge.

...before ripping one of the wheels off its smaller bi-wedged counterpart

As all four robots gathered in the center of the arena, Shrederator Tiger Claw benefited from Hunting Wind’s charge on the main part of Eater, which deflected the latter into its shell. The collision threw the main part of Eater into the air and knocked one of its weapon belts loose, disabling Eater's left-hand bar spinner. Immediately afterwards - and to Sa Beining's awe - Shrederator Tiger Claw hit the front of Hunting Wind, sending a large shower of sparks flying and tearing part of the Chinese machine’s armor off. With Hunting Wind now partially immobilized as a result, it momentarily approached Fango and both parts of Eater, again hitting and getting underneath the larger part. Shrederator Tiger Claw proceeded to attack the main part of Eater several more times, dislodging and destroying its remaining weapon belt and again causing it to recoil across the arena. Following this, it slammed into Eater’s bi-wedged multibot twice, the second hit ripping the latter’s wheel off and rendering it immobile on one side. With the main part of Eater also completely immobile at this point, these attacks eliminated the British multibot.

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Hunting Wind 2

Shrederator Tiger Claw ricochets into Hunting Wind after being lifted by the floor flipper

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Fango 2

Shrederator Tiger Claw damages Fango's legs

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Fango 3

Shrederator Tiger Claw lands a final head-on blow on Fango before its weapon motors burn out

Moments later, Shrederator Tiger Claw drove across the arena to make a second head-on charge at the now partially-immobile Hunting Wind. As it did so, it drove over one of the floor flippers, which was activated by Blue team captain Zhang Yishan as it crossed over. This launched Shrederator Tiger Claw into the air and into one of the grinder mounts; the recoil caused it to ricochet into Hunting Wind, tearing the latter’s front and top armor completely open and eliminating it via knockout. Recoiling off a nearby wall, Shrederator Tiger Claw survived the impact and spent much of the remaining moments causing severe damage to Fango’s legs. However, its weapon motors burnt out after making a head-on collision with the Australian shufflebot, and so it resorted to pushing Fango around until time ran out. Most of Shrederator Tiger Claw’s pushes were edited out of the broadcast episode.

"Ps: thank goodness they edited out the ~ 30 seconds of us pushing things around because we lost spin. Burnt out 4 long mags in two days :) expensive..."
— Team LOGICOM on Reddit[2]

As a result, both robots survived to a Judges’ decision – the decision went in favor of Shrederator Tiger Claw, earning it and Sa Beining their first point in the main competition.

"I think Shrederator should fight every fight. The first is just the beginning..."
— Brian Nave on Shrederator Tiger Claw’s debut victory

In the next round, Shrederator Tiger Claw fought the South Korean entry, Stealth.

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Stealth 1

Shrederator Tiger Claw targets the weaponry of Stealth

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Stealth 2

Shrederator Tiger Claw generates a shower of sparks

At the start of the battle, Shrederator Tiger Claw powered up its shell spinner and drove around the arena, although it became immediately clear that Stealth could not power up its own weapon, so Shrederator Tiger Claw attacked its spinning bar head-on, throwing sparks. Shrederator Tiger Claw then delivered a direct blow to the back end of Stealth, damaging its skirts. The next attack from Shrederator Tiger Claw hit the bar of Stealth, and swung the South Korean robot around for a follow-up hit. Shrederator Tiger Claw struck the back and sides of Stealth in quick succession, but Stealth drove back into Shrederator Tiger Claw's spinner, which peeled up the side of Stealth. Shrederator Tiger Claw then landed glancing blows on the side and back of Stealth, which drove towards the Grinder.

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Stealth 3

Shrederator Tiger Claw disables Stealth's bar spinner

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Stealth 4

The victorious Shrederator Tiger Claw stands off

Suddenly, after Shrederator Tiger Claw directly struck the bar spinner of Stealth, the weaponry of Stealth started functioning, and it reached top speed, while Shrederator Tiger Claw rebounded into the arena wall. Stealth drove around, avoiding its opponent, when Shrederator Tiger Claw closed in. Although Shrederator Tiger Claw missed on its drive, due to a late change in direction from Stealth, Shrederator Tiger Claw bounced off the arena wall, and slammed back into Stealth, ceasing the bar spinner once again. Shrederator Tiger Claw spun into the back of Stealth, ripping away more armor while trapping it over the arena saws. After two more blows in the center of the arena, Shrederator Tiger Claw forced Stealth into the corner of the arena, which could now only spin in place, having lost drive on one side. The referee counted out Stealth, and Shrederator Tiger Claw earned the victory.

"This means a lot to me. Thank you."
— Sa Beining to the victorious Shrederator Tiger Claw team

Shrederator Tiger Claw next fought in a three-way rumble, under the controls of Sa Beining, against Xiake and Greedy Snake.

Shrederator vs Wall

Shrederator Tiger Claw rips a spike from the wall

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Greedy Snake

Shrederator Tiger Claw throws sparks from the wedge of Greedy Snake

Shrederator Tiger Claw immediately powered up its spinner while the other two robots held back, cautiously. Brian Nave suggested that Sa Beining hit Greedy Snake from behind, prompting Sa Beining to drive his robot straight into the arena wall. Greedy Snake (driven by Zhang Yishan) edged towards it, and Shrederator Tiger Claw threw sparks from its opponent's wedge, before crashing back into the arena wall to rip away some of the decorative spikes. Greedy Snake and Shrederator Tiger Claw eyed each other up, and eventually Shrederator Tiger Claw drove into one of Greedy Snake's wedgelets, rebounding into the air after throwing sparks. Greedy Snake edged towards the rotating Shrederator Tiger Claw, and completely resisted the spinning weapon, pressing it into the arena wall despite a constant shower of sparks being thrown from Greedy Snake's wedge. Xiake also capitalized by ramming into Shrederator Tiger Claw, throwing it from the floor and into the wall.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Xiake throws Shrederator Tiger Claw into the air

Shrederator Tiger Claw was briefly used as a weapon when Xiake pushed it into Greedy Snake to damage it. Greedy Snake slowly edged towards Shrederator Tiger Claw, which reversed away, but Greedy Snake eventually caught up to destablize the spinner. In response, Shrederator Tiger Claw hit the side of Greedy Snake, and also threw more sparks from its wedge. Shrederator Tiger Claw attacked the front of Greedy Snake again, but was cast aside by a forward push from Greedy Snake. Suddenly, Xiake charged in and clashed with the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, throwing it into a Grinder, where it recoiled straight back into the side of Greedy Snake, and Xiake also drove under Greedy Snake to hit its base.

Shrederator vs Snake

Xiake throws Shrederator Tiger Claw into Greedy Snake's lifter

Greedy Snake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Greedy Snake grabs hold of Shrederator Tiger Claw

Greedy Snake shepherded Shrederator Tiger Claw back, damaging the arena wall again, but a hit from Xiake's drum threw the American machine into the air, and directly into Greedy Snake's grappling weapon, bending the weaponry. Xiake had become stuck on debris, so Shrederator Tiger Claw hit the arena wall and bounced into Xiake, damaging the side of the machine. Greedy Snake closed in within the final ten seconds, and drove under Shrederator Tiger Claw, placing it atop Xiake's drum, and then gripped it using its snatch mechanism, when time expired on the match. The battle was sent to a Judges' decision, and Shrederator Tiger Claw was revealed to have lost the battle to Greedy Snake.

"Mr Sa Beining, I hope you enjoyed the driving, but you know, after the fun comes the bill. I'm gonna need a little bit of cash from you, perhaps a credit card, I'll take it. You'll get the invoice next week!"
— Brian Nave

In the next round, Shrederator Tiger Claw was drawn against Tánshè, a robot which the team feared due to their inability to self-right. Shrederator Tiger Claw entered the battle with its alternative shell, hoping to cut into Tánshè. Sa Beining apologised to Brian Nave's team for placing Shrederator Tiger Claw against a highly disadvantageous opponent, but Brian Nave accepted that Sa Beining was required to make a quick decision and prepared to win the fight.

"Tánshè is actually the robot that's tailor-made to beat my robot. So the shell that we decided to go with is a lighter shell. It has sharper teeth, and it has more of them. It wasn't like an emotional decision to change the shell, it was... I thought that would give us the best chance to win!"
— Brian Nave on Shrederator Tiger Claw's alternative shell
Tánshè vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 1

Tánshè causes Shrederator Tiger Claw to bounce into the air

Tanshe vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Tánshè overturns Shrederator Tiger Claw

Shrederator Tiger Claw attempted to spin up to speed, but Tánshè immediately charged into it, and ricocheted the spinner into the air, causing Shrederator Tiger Claw to land with a crash, showering sparks. Tánshè followed this up quickly, and rammed it again, which kept the robot airborne. Tánshè repeated this attack near the flame jets, and steered Shrederator Tiger Claw into the arena wall, which it bounced away from. This afforded Tánshè the opportunity to drive under Shrederator Tiger Claw and carry it to the corner of the arena, where Tánshè fired its flipper. Although Shrederator Tiger Claw stayed within the arena, it landed inverted after colliding with the arena wall, so Tánshè kept its distance until the referee counted Shrederator Tiger Claw out of the fight, deeming it immobile.

"It was by far the worst, I mean we were completely owned! Completely owned, and we never had a chance to drive, never had a chance to spin up. It was almost like he was playing with us like a toy!"
— Brian Nave

Despite this loss to Tánshè, Shrederator Tiger Claw was chosen as the sole representative of the yellow team in the Top 8 of the competition. There, it fought the British axe of Vulcan.

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Vulcan

Shrederator Tiger Claw and Vulcan collide

Shrederator Tiger Claw was charged by Vulcan in an effort to halt its spinning speed, and successfully trapped it in a corner, causing Shrederator Tiger Claw to rip away an arena spike. Vulcan rammed back into the front of Shrederator Tiger Claw, in a shower of sparks, and was also sent spinning away on its second ram. Shrederator Tiger Claw held its center ground, but Vulcan's next charge knocked it back into the arena wall, causing Shrederator Tiger Claw internal damage.

"We were taking the hits, every time he goes bouncing off the wall, that's him damaging himself."
— Alan Young
Vulcan vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Shrederator Tiger Claw is thrown off balance, forcing the team to employ their magnets

Upon its escape, Shrederator Tiger Claw made spinner-to-wedge contact with Vulcan and cast it aside, parking over the arena flames. Relentless, Vulcan chased after Shrederator Tiger Claw and barged into it once again, to send it flying through the air. Shrederator Tiger Claw's balance was distorted, bounding around the arena without its wheels on the floor, and Vulcan maintained control. Seizing the opportunity, Vulcan finally fired its axe for the first time, but missed its target.

"Fighting a really strong wedge, and you just can't break him, you have to make sure they don't keep control, and that's the key."
— Brian Nave
Shrederator vs Vulcan

Vulcan suddenly loses mobility, earning Shrederator Tiger Claw a comeback victory

When Vulcan had fired its axe, it reversed away from Shrederator Tiger Claw, when suddenly, the robot stopped moving entirely, potentially stuck on debris. Spinning at top speed, Shrederator Tiger Claw kept its distance, while Alan Young reset Vulcan's transmitter in a desperate attempt to revive his machine. The referee began to count down Vulcan to its elimination, and Sa Beining joined in with the count, celebrating as Shrederator Tiger Claw claimed its come-from-behind victory.

"We're in the final four, very exciting! Vulcan's a great robot, but Vulcan was not strong enough to beat Shrederator ... We've got magnets which lock it to the ground so we can turn the spinner off, so we were actually able to regain control in this fight, enough to keep driving and not just get rammed into the wall."
— Brian Nave

In the semi-final, Shrederator Tiger Claw was to be randomly drawn into a new match-up against UK vertical spinner Tungsten, or a rematch with Tánshè. To Team LOGICOM's delight, their robot was drawn against Tungsten.

Tungsten vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Tungsten launches Shrederator Tiger Claw into the air

Tungsten vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 2

Shrederator Tiger Claw throws Tungsten off-balance

Tungsten vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 3

Shrederator Tiger Claw catches air again

Tungsten vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 4

Shrederator Tiger Claw (left) recoils after being slammed into the grinder by Tungsten

Shrederator Tiger Claw was initially slow to get its weapon spinning, allowing Tungsten to charge in and force it against the spikes. The Team LOGICOM machine recoiled, but got its shell up to full speed as it retreated towards one of the grinders. Shrederator Tiger Claw was launched into the air by another hit from Tungsten, but landed upright, and proceeded to throw the Team Carbide machine off-balance before retreating towards another set of spikes. It was sent airborne again as the two competitors exchanged several more blows, and was shepherded towards another grinder by Tungsten. One hit slammed Shrederator Tiger Claw into the grinder, sending it recoiling across the arena and causing Tungsten to get flipped over. Shrederator Tiger Claw spent several seconds moving around in the corner, which allowed Tungsten to gather, push and flip it over violently against the spikes.

Tungsten flips Shrederator Tiger Claw

Tungsten catapults Shrederator Tiger Claw into the upper wall

Shrederator Tiger Claw deflects Tungsten

Shrederator Tiger Claw sends Tungsten recoiling following a side-on attack

Tungsten vs Shrederator Tiger Claw sparks

Sparks fly as the two spinners exchange more blows

Shrederator Tiger Claw KO

Shrederator Tiger Claw is counted out

Landing on its wheels, Shrederator Tiger Claw quickly spun its shell up again, and briefly sent Tungsten hurtling across the arena upon hitting the UK machine's side. Shrederator Tiger Claw continued to exchange blows with Tungsten after this, one of which sent it recoiling towards the grinders once again. Shrederator Tiger Claw stood still following the last blow, and despite being nudged by Tungsten showed no signs of continuous mobility. Twitching on the arena floor, Shrederator Tiger Claw was left to be counted out; despite showing a last-second surge of forward mobility, it stopped again, and was duly eliminated via knockout. With this, Shrederator Tiger Claw lost the battle to Tungsten, and was resigned to the third place playoff. Brian Nave later explained to Sa Beining that he could not switch off the magnets used to stabilize Shrederator Tiger Claw, resulting in the mobility issues which caused its elimination.

"I was disappointed in myself for not being able to, you know, to win the championship. We did our best - you know, we can’t expect any more from us than that."
— Brian Nave on Shrederator Tiger Claw’s elimination

In the third place play-off, Shrederator Tiger Claw faced Xiake, the defending runner-up from King of Bots, in the second encounter between both robots this season.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 1

Shrederator Tiger Claw struggles to regain balance after a hit from Xiake

Xiake spun its weapon up to speed more quickly than Shrederator Tiger Claw, and the latter retreated to gain more speed, throwing sparks when both weapons briefly collided. Xiake landed a bigger hit to the shell spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, and then pushed it back into a Grinder. Shrederator Tiger Claw then tried to launch its own attack, but ran into the drum of Xiake and was thrown up, remaining off-balance for a while after failing to land flat. Xiake waited for the gyroscopic motions to cease, and Shrederator Tiger Claw returned to solid ground to make its escape.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 2

Xiake throws Shrederator Tiger Claw high into the air

Xiake charged into the spinner of Shrederator Tiger Claw, but was punted away, but responded by closing in to throw Shrederator Tiger Claw high into the air with a powerful attack. Shrederator Tiger Claw scraped the side of Xiake, and then both collided for an even clash which ripped away a piece of armour from Xiake, but Xiake landed a follow-up attack on Shrederator Tiger Claw. Xiake was now hesitant to attack, and Shrederator Tiger Claw clipped the front corner of Xiake to toss it aside. Both robots held off until Xiake backed Shrederator Tiger Claw into the wall, which narrowly avoided the arena hammer to hit the side of Xiake again.

Xiake vs Shrederator Tiger Claw 3

Shrederator Tiger Claw causes late damage to Xiake's wedge

With less than a minute remaining, both robots were very tentative, with Xiake's wedge now seemingly unable to breach the ground clearance of Shrederator Tiger Claw. Eventually, Shrederator Tiger Claw managed to rip the front wedge away from Xiake entirely, but this also meant that Xiake could now bring its weapon back into play, and it charged Shrederator Tiger Claw twice in succession. Xiake's drum was no longer spinning, and was loosely attached in general, with Shrederator Tiger Claw once again striking the front of the machine, also briefly wedging under it to attack the underside of Xiake.

Time expired on a very close battle, and the Judges declared that Xiake had won, based on its earlier dominance in the match, resigning Shrederator Tiger Claw to fourth place in its series campaign.

King of Bots II (Season 2)Edit

Shrederator Tiger Claw competed in King of Bots II, using a new brushless drive system and interchangeable shells. To test these new internals, Shrederator Tiger Claw participated in a number of whiteboard battles before and during the filming of the main series. In its first, Shrederator Tiger Claw avenged its controversial loss to Xiake in dominant fashion[3]

"Began with an exhibition fight between Shrederator and Xiake, to show the celebrities what fighting robots is. Shrederator won easily."
— Huntsman KOB2 Diary[4]

In its second whiteboard battle, Shrederator Tiger Claw fought against Huntsman.

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Huntsman

Huntsman's axe is struck by Shrederator Tiger Claw

Huntsman vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Huntsman brings its axe down on Shrederator Tiger Claw

Shrederator Tiger Claw was left alone to reach top spinning speed, and after reaching these threatening speeds, Shrederator Tiger Claw collided with Huntsman, tearing metal from it in the process, although its own shell was damaged in the process, unbalancing the machine. Huntsman drove near to Shrederator Tiger Claw and lowered its axe into the floor, which Shrederator Tiger Claw struck, but Huntsman did not relent, and charged into Shrederator Tiger Claw, barging it into the arena corner. Shrederator Tiger Claw was struggling to leave the arena corner, and Huntsman brought its large axe down onto it, which was able to immobilize the full-body spinner, but Huntsman also received a blow at the same time which unplugged its batteries. The battle resulted in a double-knockout - the Huntsman team claim that they were declared the winner by the audience, while Team LOGICOM refer to the outcome as a draw.

"Shell was overhardened. We used this fight as a test run for the shell and new brushless before just throwing it into a real fight."
— Nick Nave[5]

Shrederator Tiger Claw made its season debut in Episode 7, where it was able to join a team after Brian Nave pitched his design to the celebrity captains. As Brian Nave was the fourth roboteer to make its pitch, only a number of teams remained, but all of the available celebrities offered Shrederator Tiger Claw a place on their team. Brian Nave elected to join Huang Jian Xiang's team, as it contained Vulcan and Xiake, powerful robots which Shrederator Tiger Claw had battled in Season 1.5 the previous year.

Shrederator Tiger Claw was intended to debut in Episode 8 as part of the Attrition Battle, but Huang Jian Xiang's team won the event before Shrederator Tiger Claw was needed to enter the arena, and it advanced without a fight. Its first televised fight was in Episode 9, where it fought Saber.

Saber vs Shrederator Tiger Claw

Shrederator Tiger Claw recoils into the air

Shrederator Tiger Claw vs Saber

Shrederator Tiger Claw smashes into Saber, damaging its drive

Saber vs Shrederator

Shrederator Tiger Claw loses mobility despite breaking Saber's drive chain

Shrederator Tiger Claw's spin-up was disrupted only three seconds into the battle, by a lunging charge from Saber. Shrederator Tiger Claw landed poorly, losing a collar upon landing, and was generally unstable, causing it to shed weapon teeth as it recoiled around the arena, failing to land back on its wheels. Shrederator Tiger Claw eventually reached solid ground after completely stopping its spinning motion on the arena wall, and was forced to spin back up to speed again, but struggled to move at all due to the magnets inside the robot preventing it from driving, and Saber knocked it towards the corner of the arena. When Shrederator Tiger Claw started moving again, it hit Saber directly on the front, and although it was sent sailing into the air in the process, the hit had disabled half of Saber's drive system, with a drive chain now hanging loosely on the arena floor. Saber continued to tilt into Shrederator Tiger Claw on its one working side of drive, with the American machine again motionless, and on this occasion, it did not come back to life, and lost the battle by knockout.

"I was confident goin' in, I know our robot was strong, I know that we were ready to fight, and it's a little embarrassing. You try to put the best parts you can get in your robot, and sometimes, the parts don't work!"
— Brian Nave

In Episode 11, Shrederator Tiger Claw was drawn to fight against Drift of Ye Hong Li's team. However, the battle never took place, as Zhu Zheng Ting and Di Yang were both knocked out of the competition entirely, leaving only Huang Jian Xiang and Ye Hong Li's teams remaining. Therefore, both teams, including Shrederator Tiger Claw, automatically advanced to the final tournament. Here, it was the third of Huang Jian Xiang's robots selected to participate in the attrition battle and was eventually pitted against Spectre.

"I think that when they loaded it in, the locking pin got pushed into something, and I couldn't get it out. It was jammed into something, and I think it broke something."
— Brian Nave tries to diagnose Shrederator Tiger Claw's control issues
Shrederator Tiger Claw arena repairs

Team LOGICOM deactivate Shrederator Tiger Claw, prior to carrying out emergency repairs

Shrederator Tiger Claw grinder

Shrederator Tiger Claw bumps into one of the grinders, as it continues to suffer control issues

However, as soon as Shrederator Tiger Claw was loaded into the arena, problems arose when it ran out of control, driving erratically around the arena before coming to a halt by the grinders. Brian Nave called for a five-minute period in an attempt to get Shrederator Tiger Claw repaired, but as the period drew to a close, the robot still drove erratically. Brian Nave eventually agreed to participate in the fight anyway, hoping to at the very least cause damage to Spectre ahead of its next fight. However, Shrederator Tiger Claw had now made its way into the centre of the arena and, despite their best attempts, the team were unable to get it back into their corner. Eventually, time ran out with Shrederator Tiger Claw shuffling by the grinders near Spectre's corner and Spectre was awarded the win by default, eliminating Shrederator Tiger Claw from the round.

"The bad luck continues... "
— Brian Nave, as Shrederator Tiger Claw exits the arena

Despite this set-back, Huang Jian Xiang's team eventually won the competition after Vulcan defeated Drift on a judges' decision, meaning that Shrederator Tiger Claw was named joint champion, despite losing its only fight.


This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Fourth Place
Episode 3, Rumble vs. Eater, Fango, Hunting Wind Won
Episode 6, 1v1 vs. Stealth Won
Celebrity Rumble vs. Greedy Snake, Xiake Lost
Episode 9, 1v1 vs. Tánshè Lost
Quarter-Final vs. Vulcan Won
Semi-Final vs. Tungsten Lost
Third Place Play-off vs. Xiake Lost
King of Bots II (Season 2)
Main Championship
Part of Huang Jian Xiang's team
Episode 8, 1v1 vs. Saber Lost
Final Attrition War vs. Spectre Lost (by default)
Warm-Up Fights
Warm-Up Fight vs. Xiake Won
Test Battle vs. Huntsman Lost


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 5
  • NOTE 1: Shrederator Tiger Claw's loss by default to Spectre is not included.
  • NOTE 2: Shrederator Tiger Claw's whiteboard battles with Xiake and Huntsman are not included.

Series RecordEdit

Series Shrederator Tiger Claw Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 1.5 Fourth Place
(3-4 record)
Season 2 Huang Jian Xiang's team, joint champion
(0-2 record)

Outside King of BotsEdit


Phrizbee in Season 4.0

Phrizbee S5

Phrizbee in Season 5.0

Team LOGICOM entered Seasons 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 of BattleBots with Phrizbee. It lost to KillerB in its first appearance, but won five battles over the course of the following two seasons. Its peak performance was in Season 4.0, reaching the Round of 32 to battle HexaDecimator, where Phrizbee took a large lead before being flipped over two thirds into the match. Phrizbee was later entered into the Robot Fighting League under the name Shrederator. Shrederator is now going by the name Shiva and is owned by a different team.



The team entered a super-heavyweight version of Phrizbee into BattleBots called Phrizbee-Ultimate, which earned four straight wins against G.O.R.T., Hog Wild, Super Nova and Toro before finally losing to IceBerg in the Round of 16. Phrizbee-Ultimate was renamed Shrederator Supreme after BattleBots went on hiatus.

The Revolutionist

The Revolutionist in Season 1 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors

The Revolutionist US2

The Revolutionist in Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors

Phrizbee competed in Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Nickelodeon Robot Wars using a different name, The Revolutionist. In Season 1 of Extreme Warriors, The Revolutionist won a six-way melee in its first battle of the US Championship, and then immobilized The Brute to reach the final, where it was flipped over by Panzer Mk 2, leaving The Revolutionist in second place. It also participated in the Civil War event and The Second World Championship, but lost to Sobek and Razer, respectively. In Season 2, it passed its opening melee when The Gap flipped Trackzilla over, and then it demolished Psycho Chicken before losing its Heat Final to Propeller-Head, where The Revolutionist's early lead was cancelled by a surprise pitting. In Nickelodeon Robot Wars, The Revolutionist reached the final of the International Tag Team Terror and Ultimate Mayhem events, but lost both finals.

Mechacidal Maniac

Mechacidal Maniac at Robotica

The team also competed in Robotica with a creation called Mechacidal Maniac, a robot using eight motors to move in any direction. It beat Shannonagains by 5 points in the Preliminary Stages but then lost to future Finalist Ill-Tempered Mutt in the Fight to the Finish.

Capt Shrederator BB2015

Captain Shrederator at ABC BattleBots Season 1

In 2015, Team LOGICOM returned to the rebooted BattleBots with a heavyweight, under the name Captain Shrederator. It sported a paintjob very similar to The Revolutionist's. In the competition, it lost its first round fight against Stinger: The Killer Bee, which was able to deflect Captain Shrederator multiple times with its wedge before overturning it. Captain Shrederator was not chosen to be a wildcard.

CaptShrederator BB2016

Captain Shrederator at ABC BattleBots Season 2

In the 2016 series of BattleBots, Captain Shrederator returned, initially as a reserve, but competed after another robot withdrew, facing Death Roll in the first round. Captain Shrederator won the battle via KO, but was awarded a surprisingly low seeding (No.20) in the bracket, putting it against Chomp. Team captain Brian Nave showed a grudge match-style desire to win the match on television, but was immobilised by an axe attack through Shrederator's spinning body.

Captain Shrederator

Captain Shrederator at BattleBots in 2018

Captain Shrederator was again rebuilt for the 2018 series of BattleBots, aired on the Science Channel and Discovery Channel. This version of the robot was extremely similar to Shrederator Tiger Claw, using the same core design, but with the established color-scheme of Captain Shrederator. As Brian Nave was competing in This is Fighting Robots, the robot was controlled by son Nicholas Nave. In its first battle of the season, it fought New Zealand representative End Game, but was shepherded into the corner and immobilised, after End Game's vertical spinner flipped Captain Shrederator over. After extensive repairs and a switch to its classic shell, Captain Shrederator took an early lead over SubZero, ripping away its back panel and causing major damage, before suddenly losing mobility near the arena wall. Captain Shrederator ultimately lost the battle by knockout. While Nicholas Nave was away at a gaming convention, Captain Shrederator suffered its third consecutive loss in battle with Petunia, where the robot caught fire after Petunia's crusher punctured a vital component. However, Captain Shrederator did collect a victory during the USA vs The World special, where it defeated the British representative Vanquish by knockout.

Captain Shrederator - 2019

Captain Shrederator at BattleBots in 2019

Captain Shrederator - Team

Team LOGICOM at BattleBots in 2019

Captain Shrederator returned for the 2019 season of BattleBots, where it was originally supposed to face Cobalt in a rematch of Shrederator Tiger Claw's loss to Tungsten in This is Fighting Robots. However the draw was altered so that Captain Shrederator would instead face Wan Hoo which it battered with repeated hits, before Captain Shrederator suddenly broke down and lost the battle. It was repaired ahead of its battle with Witch Doctor, but was overturned by the vertical spinner and collected a second loss. With a negative combat record, Captain Shrederator was left with no choice but to enter the Desperado tournament, where it faced Black Dragon, and after delivering a huge blow, Captain Shrederator was knocked out and eliminated from the Desperado bracket in the first round. With one final loss against Blacksmith, Captain Shrederator ended its Fight Night campaign with a disastrous 0-4 record.


  • By virtue of Huang Jian Xiang's team winning King of Bots II without Shrederator Tiger Claw winning any battles, Shrederator Tiger Claw became the only robot to win a combat robotics competition without winning any battles in the process.
  • Brian Nave competing 'in China' during the filming of BattleBots in 2018 was directly referenced by the American show during one of its episodes.
  • While the managers were selecting the order of their robots before the attrition battle, Shrederator Tiger Claw was instead pictured as its BattleBots equivalent Captain Shrederator on its card.



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