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Spank the Monkey is a British featherweight robot built by Tim Rackley, which appeared at the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championships. It exclusively fought in two whiteboard matches, ‘Farmageddon’ and ‘Battle of the Shuntposters’, the former alongside Rackley’s other 2018 UK entry Furious George. Spank the Monkey lost both battles to Meow and Nelly the Ellybot respectively, catching fire and becoming immobilized in the process. Later on, it was put into the arena during a demonstration by Vulcan, where it was axed and toppled by the Team Robots Live! heavyweight. The damage inflicted to Spank the Monkey during this demonstration was enough to retire it from robot combat altogether.


As its name suggested, Spank the Monkey was a tall, reverse wedged box-shaped robot loosely designed to resemble a monkey. Covered with brown fur, a head and tail, its main form of offense was a pair of side arms which swung a full 360 degrees; although they were shown at other events to be capable of rotating quickly, their effectiveness in combat was limited. Spank the Monkey’s design at the time of the 2018 UK International Championships also incorporated a steep, but narrow wedge, although the robot was unable to use this to good effect either.


King of Bots UK 2018 (Insomnia 63)
Whiteboard Battles
Farmageddon vs. Crabsolutely Clawful, Furious George, Nelly the Ellybot, Hedgebot, Meow Lost
Battle of the Shuntposters vs. Nelly the Ellybot, Straddle 2 Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Outside King of Bots

Spank the Monkey was initially built by Tim Rackley for the 2017 FRA UK International Championships, hosted at the Insomnia 61 gaming festival, after Dorset Roboteering Team could not prepare their planned entry Migraine in time to compete. Completed in the space of two days, it notably entered one battle with an inflatable banana attached to its front end, which succeeded in getting absorbed by and disabling the drum spinner of Dutch competitor Equinox.[1] Spank the Monkey also competed in at least one Extreme Robots event in 2018, where it fought in three featherweight and three heavyweight rumbles.[2]

For more information on Tim Rackley's other robots and experiences outside King of Bots, see Furious George.


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