This is Fighting Robots is a Chinese television game show which first aired in Spring 2018. It is produced by TheMakers, the producers of King of Bots. Although This is Fighting Robots is a separate show aired on a different viewing platform of Youku, the producers and competing teams are shared, making both shows associated with each other.


Much like King of Bots, competitor robots built by amateur builders and engineers to fight each other in combat. While attempting to win battles, robots must also dodge the hazards of the arena. Although King of Bots used a straight knockout format, This is Fighting Robots puts a greater emphasis on the reality side of the competition.

Competing robots are required to weigh between 60kg and 110kg, and to be equipped with an active weapon powerful enough to damage or immobilize opponents in various ways. Eligible weapons include high-powered spinners, flippers, axes, crushers, retracting spikes and flame weapons. Robots featuring multiple parts - including 'multibots' and drones - are also able to compete, as long as the combined weight of all parts remains within the maximum weight limit.

This is Fighting Robots was hosted by four celebrities, who would all choose ten robots for their respective team, over the course of manual selection before fights took place, and after seeing some in battle. The robots would then earn points in rumbles, on behalf of their celebrity.


This is Fighting Robots was hosted by four celebrities:

  • Zheng Shuang, captain of the Green Team (female)
  • Sa Beining, captain of the Yellow Team
  • Zhang Yishan, captain of the Blue Team
  • Wu Chun, captain of the Red Team.

Battles would also be introuced by a male-and-female presenter duo, who would also provide commentary for the matches.

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