The second episode of This is Fighting Robots aired on April 20th, 2018. It concluded the preliminary rounds, and finalised all four of the celebrity teams and their robots.

Competing robotsEdit


This episode concluded the preliminary rounds, whereby robots would fight in rumbles to impress the celebrity captains. After four battles concluded, each team held remaining space for a number of robots, leading to the reinstatement of robots such as Thunder and Lightning, after a lengthy discussion process.

After the celebrity teams were finalised, each captain spoke to all of their teams, and formulated a strategy for which robots they should send out against other strong opponents.

The episode concluded with Eater, Fango, Hunting Wind and Shrederator Tiger Claw entering the arena for battle, but the fight did not commence within the episode.


Cat King vs Greedy Snake vs Spike Head vs WhirlwindEdit

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This battle saw the conclusion of a battle which mostly took place in the previous episode. Greedy Snake overturned Cat King, and became the only winner of the battle.

Robots selected: Greedy Snake

However, long after the battle had taken place, Zheng Shuang decided to add Cataclysm to her team, as the had one space left over at the end of the selection process.

Blue vs Saber II vs Thunder and Lightning vs Wall BreakerEdit

Fang Bao flamethrower

Wall Breaker fires its flamethrower

Thunder and Lightning vs Blue

Thunder and Lightning cause armor to fall from Blue

Thunder and Lightning entered the battle with discs equipped on both machines. At the beginning of the match, Wall Breaker drove up the wedge of Saber II, but reversed away, causing Saber II to fire at the air. Blue was also missing with its attacks, while trying to attack the orange half of Thunder and Lightning (Thunder), which started spinning in circles. Wall Breaker fired its flamethrower while Saber II mistimed another flip, and Blue struck the green half of Thunder and Lightning (Lightning). After this, Thunder and Lightning collaborated to trap Blue, which fired its axe aimlessly. A direct blow from Lightning caused the front wedge of Blue to fall off, while the use of Blue's axe generated sparks on the arena floor.

Saber II vs Fang Bao

Saber II throws Wall Breaker over

Saber II vs Blue

Saber II overturns Blue and Wall Breaker

Thunder became stuck under Blue, and Wall Breaker attempted to grab the smaller multibot. However, this allowed Blue to land an overhead blow on Thunder, while Saber II drove under Wall Breaker and tossed it across the arena. This attack impressed Sa Beining, and Saber II became the first robot in the fight to be selected for a celebrity team. Although Wall Breaker landed on its wheels, Saber II followed this up with a flip which turned Blue and Wall Breaker over with a single attack. Wall Breaker attempted to self-right using its forks, but was harassed by Thunder and Lightning.

Blue vs Saber II

Blue self-rights and earns its place on a team

Blue vs Saber

Blue lands a blow on Saber II

Blue had been left in a precarious position from Saber II's flip, but after adjusting itself, Blue used its axe to successfully self-right. This again impressed two celebrities, and Blue became the second robot to join a celebrity team, after Zheng Shuang managed to choose Blue first. The axe of Blue was now running low on power, but it still landed a blow on the top of Saber II, which had just wedged under it. Wall Breaker was revealed to have been righted, while Thunder and Lightning aimlessly spun in circles. Blue shunted the spinning Lightning backwards, and the battle concluded. This meant that Saber II and Blue had been selected for a team, while Thunder and Lightning, and Wall Breaker, had not.

Robots selected: Blue, Saber II

Although Thunder and Lightning were not selected through the course of battle, they were later chosen by Wu Chun as the final addition to his team.

Blue Demon vs Bonfire vs Chronos vs SandstormEdit

Sandstorm vs Chronos vs Bonfire

Sandstorm launches Chronos into the air with its first ram

Blue Demon vs Chronos vs Sandstorm

Blue Demon strikes Chronos with its bar spinners

Bonfire vs Sandstorm vs Blue Demon

Sandstorm is sandwiched between Bonfire and Blue Demon

Bonfire vs Sandstorm 1

Bonfire strikes down on Sandstorm

Immediately, Sandstorm charged into Chronos, launching the American ring spinner into the air and enabling it to get selected by Zheng Shuang of the green team. The four robots gathered round in the corner, with Blue Demon also hitting Chronos with its dual bar spinners – however, Chronos was selected by Sa Beining and escaped, momentarily pushing Bonfire aside in the process. Sandstorm drove up Bonfire’s wedge, allowing Blue Demon to tear its rear armor panel off. Despite this, Sandstorm repeated this maneuvere seconds later, with Bonfire proceeding to lower its bar spinner on it while simultaneously pushing it into the grinders. This attack earned Bonfire a place on Wu Chun’s team, as it weathered another nudge from Sandstorm.

Sandstorm vs Bonfire 1

Sandstorm retaliates by throwing Bonfire against the wall

Sandstorm flips Chronos

Sandstorm (center) flips itself and Chronos over

Sandstorm KOs Blue Demon

Sandstorm pushes and throws Blue Demon into the corner

Sandstorm continued to lure Bonfire across the arena, nudging Blue Demon at one point. It spun round and got underneath Bonfire, pushing it towards then throwing it against the wall with its lifting weapon. Sparks flew as Bonfire’s spinner made contact with the wall; despite having been eliminated from the battle as a result of Sandstorm's attack, the red and black machine landed on its wheels, and escaped as Sandstorm charged underneath Blue Demon. Sandstorm proceeded to flip Chronos over by driving the latter into a grinder - however, it threw itself over as a result of the attack, and slowly re-righted itself using its lifting bars while Blue Demon pushed Bonfire across the arena. Recovering, Sandstorm proceeded to push and flip Blue Demon against the corner, and the battle concluded, with Blue Demon the only robot not to have been selected. Sandstorm celebrated its qualification by spinning and raising its lifting bars.

Robots selected: Bonfire, Chronos, Sandstorm

Firefox vs Raging Moustache vs Stealth vs Zen OhEdit

Zen Oh vs Raging Moustache

Zen Oh shatters Raging Moustache

Raging Moustache shattered

The remains of Raging Moustache

At the beginning of the battle, all four robots attempted to spin their weapons up to speed. Sa Beining, however, had already taken a liking to Raging Moustache before the battle had even begun, and immediately selected it for his team, meaning that a robot had been selected before contact was even made. However Sa Beining's worst fears came true, as the Portuguese spinner of Zen Oh slammed directly into Raging Moustache, and removed much of its armor with a single blow, also completely immobilizing the Turkish machine. Although many of its internals were hanging loose, Raging Moustache's spinner continued to operate, and the robot had already successfully qualified, but it would not be approached again in the battle. Zhang Yishan was impressed by this attack, and selected Zen Oh for his team.

Firefox vs Raging Moustache

Firefox is pulled into the air, impressing Wu Chun

Stealth vs Firefox

Stealth strikes the weapon of Firefox, impressing Zheng Shuang

The three active machines gathered in the center of the arena, and Firefox used the gyroscopic forces of its spinner to bring its wheels from the floor. This motion appealed to Wu Chun, who added Firefox to his team, leaving only Stealth to be selected, which continued to hold its ground using its spinner. Zen Oh coasted around the arena, but suddenly lost the use of its bar spinner. It bumped into the side of Firefox, causing the Indian machine to prop back into the air. Stealth capitalized on this, and faced Firefox weapon-to-weapon in a shower of sparks, also following this up with a second hit which knocked Firefox away. After these attacks, Zheng Shuang selected Stealth for her team, meaning that all four robots had qualified.

Firefox vs Stealth

Stealth rips a wheel from Firefox

Zen Oh vs Firefox

Zen Oh slams into Firefox

The three active robots fought on, and Stealth targeted the wheels of Firefox, ripping a wheel away from the rear of the machine while casting more sparks. Firefox was still able to drive away, but Stealth inflicted more damage, and Zen Oh rammed into the side of it. As a result of these attacks, Firefox lost the remainder of another damaged wheel, and stopped moving. With only Stealth and Zen Oh active, Stealth struck Zen Oh with its spinner, which sent the Portuguese robot recoiling into a Grinder, which almost overturned the robot, to the pleasure of Zheng Shuang.

Zen Oh vs Stealth

Zen Oh is thrown up by a Grinder

Stealth vs Zen Oh

Stealth pressures Zen Oh

Zen Oh crashed back down, and took evasive measures, having already qualified. Regardless, Stealth pursued its opponent and struck it with another strong blow, causing Zen Oh's drive belt to fall out. Zen Oh slammed into the wall in its efforts to flee from the South Korean machine, although it managed to avoid Stealth until time expired on a match where all four robots had qualified.

Robots selected: Firefox, Raging Moustache, Stealth, Zen Oh

Raging Moustache burns

Raging Moustache pours out smoke

However, in spite of being selected by Sa Beining within the opening seconds of the match, Raging Moustache caught fire after the battle had ended, and the Turkish team conceded that they would be unable to repair their robot in time for the next round, and forfeited their position, later being replaced by 008.

Xiake vs 008 vs Saturn vs NinjaEdit

008 vs Xiake

008 and Xiake recoil

Saturn vs 008 vs Ninja

Saturn slices 008's wheel and side armor

Xiake vs Saturn 1

Xiake launches Saturn into the air...

Saturn vs Xiake 1

...only for Saturn to tear its side panel apart

This battle was one of two which were not broadcast in their entirety; in the highlights shown, 008 charged head-on into Xiake’s drum, causing both robots to recoil spectacularly. Ninja momentarily pushed Xiake forwards as all four robots converged; at the same time, Saturn ripped one of 008’s wheels off, resulting in the wheel bouncing across the arena and 008 becoming immobilized on one side. Xiake proceeded to launch Saturn into the air with its drum, which convinced Wu Chun to select it as part of the Red team. At one point, Saturn launched up Ninja’s wedge, causing it to miss a potential strike with its swinging blade; nevertheless, despite frequently dodging its opponents and missing attacks, Ninja was also chosen by Sa Beining. Finally, Saturn hit the side of Xiake, tearing the Chinese machine’s side panel into several pieces and resulting in it being selected by Zhang Yishan.

Robots selected: Xiake, Ninja, Saturn

Despite using its flamethrowers at some stage in the battle to try and impress the celebrity captains, 008 was the only robot not to have initially been selected for the main competition. However, it would eventually be reinstated after being chosen by Sa Beining to fill the last place in his team, effectively replacing Raging Moustache.[1]

Griffin Mk II vs Unlimited Numbers vs Lieutenant Bam vs YesajiEdit

Yesaji vs Unlimited Numbers vs Lieutenant Bam

Yesaji and Lieutenant Bam team up on Unlimited Numbers

Griffin Mk2 vs Unlimited Numbers 2

Griffin Mk II shoves Unlimited Numbers into a grinder mount

Lieutenant Bam grinder

Lieutenant Bam is flipped by one of the grinders...

Lieutenant Bam self-rights

...but self-rights to secure its place on Sa Beining's team

The second preliminary battle not to be shown in full. The highlights began with all four robots scrambling to the center of the arena in the opening seconds, where Yesaji and Lieutenant Bam rammed each other while the former got underneath Unlimited Numbers. Griffin Mk II eventually clamped and pushed Unlimited Numbers into the grinder mount, the impact momentarily throwing both robots off the floor. This attack earnt Griffin Mk II a place on Zhang Yishan’s team. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Bam drove itself into another grinder, which flipped it over and forced it to use its spiked club to self-right. Sa Beining selected Lieutenant Bam as a result of its self-righting, securing its place in the main competition. Unlimited Numbers continued to be pushed, dragged and lifted by Griffin Mk II in the meantime; neither it nor Yesaji were selected by any of the celebrity captains.

Robots selected: Griffin Mk II, Lieutenant Bam




  • Footage from the partially-aired preliminary rumble between 008, Ninja, Saturn and Xiake was briefly shown during an interview with Gary Cairns' team.
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