The fourth episode of This is Fighting Robots aired on May 4th, 2018. It concluded the first round and began the second round, each allowing robots to earn points for their celebrity teams, who were at a relatively even standing at the start of the episode.

Competing robotsEdit

NOTE: The conclusion to a battle between Blue and Ninja, with Bonfire and Griffin Mk II, was revealed at the start of the episode.


As with the previous episode, a celebrity would choose a robot to enter a battle, and the remaining three celebrities could accept the challenge and select a robot to counter their choices, or choose to abstain from the battle. Each battle would have one winner, which would be decided by knockout or a Judges' decision, which would present one point to the victorious celebrity team. Due to a shortage of available robots on each team, many of the battles were now head-to-heads.

At the end of the first round, celebrities who ranked second, third and fourth on points also had to eliminate robots from their team, based on who they felt were the weakest performers. This led to the elimination of Bonfire, Eater, Fango, Griffin Mk II, Mr Hippo and Saber II.


Blue vs Bonfire vs Griffin Mk II vs NinjaEdit

Main article: This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)/Episode 2

Concluding the battle which mainly took place in the previous episode, the winner of the Judges' decision was revealed to be Blue, earning Zheng Shuang's third point. Post-battle, Shaung was also declared the winner of the first round, with Sa Beining finishing second, Zhang Yishan third and a winless Wu Chun fourth.

Winner: Blue

Firefox vs Vulcan vs Zen OhEdit

"I think that is a good choice. I can't say that it is the best, but it is a good choice in the same way."
— Guilherme Ferreira on Zen Oh's selection to battle Vulcan

Before the battle began, Vulcan demonstrated its adjustable ground clearance, impressing the celebrity team captains in the process. Realizing Vulcan’s potential, Wu Chun and Zhang Yishan discussed tactics between themselves, and decided to concentrate their efforts on teaming up against the Zheng Shaung-captained machine.

Vulcan vs Zen Oh 1

Vulcan deflects Zen Oh's first hit

Zen Oh vs Firefox vs Vulcan

Zen Oh rips one of Firefox's wheels off

Firefox wheel collapse

Firefox's left-rear wheel collapses

Zen Oh KOs Firefox

Zen Oh throws Firefox over, eliminating the Indian robot

Immediately, Vulcan darted towards and pursued Zen Oh across the arena, eventually deflecting it a few times and trying to axe the Portuguese machine’s top. However, it missed, sparks flying as its axe head struck the floor; CO2 vented copiously from Vulcan as it continued deflecting and pushing Zen Oh across the arena. During this time, it finally axed the top of Zen Oh, albeit without causing any major damage, and shepherded Zen Oh towards a sluggish Firefox. Zen Oh turned sharply, hitting the side of Firefox; the attack resulted in Firefox’s front-left wheel being ripped off and the Indian machine almost overturning. Firefox’s rear-left wheel collapsed as it tried to maneuver across the arena, resulting in it becoming immobilized. Vulcan buffeted Zen Oh away once more before being lifted by the floor rods; this allowed Zen Oh to hit Firefox one more time, throwing it upside-down into the wall. Firefox was finally eliminated via knockout, shorting out and with part of its electronics missing, curtailing Chun and Yishan’s plan.

Vulcan vs Zen Oh 3

Vulcan pins Zen Oh in the corner

Zen Oh Vulcan saws

Zen Oh causes Vulcan to recoil into the saws

Vulcan vs Zen Oh 4

A head-on collision enables Vulcan to throw Zen Oh upwards

Vulcan vs Zen Oh 5

Vulcan immobilizes Zen Oh with a flurry of axe blows

From that point, Vulcan continued its initial assault, deflecting and pushing Zen Oh into the corner as it again missed an axe blow. Pinning Zen Oh against the wall, it prevented the Portuguese machine from getting its bar spinner up to speed while trying to axe it twice more, before continuing to maneuver it into the center of the arena. Zen Oh’s spinner began rotating again, allowing it to knock Vulcan onto the circular saws. The British machine escaped undamaged, however, and proceeded to ram Zen Oh head-on, deflecting Zen Oh into the air. This impact appeared to disable Zen Oh’s spinner, allowing Vulcan to pin it against the spikes while repeatedly striking its top panel with its axe. Vulcan’s attacks immobilized Zen Oh completely, enabling the Team Robots Live! machine to emerge victorious.

Vulcan victory dance

Vulcan throws itself over to celebrate its victory

Amidst elation from Zheng Shaung and to applause from the audience and other roboteers, Vulcan celebrated its win by spinning and throwing itself into a victory dance with its axe. Following the battle, Sam Cooper’s driving earned particular praise from her brother - and Team Spectre member - James; meanwhile, Sa Beining made fun of Chun and Yishan as the two rival captains reconciled over their defeats.

"So, Sam did brilliantly in that last battle. They kept perfect control over the most dangerous robot in the arena, and kept on it all the way. So, absolutely brilliant performance, and we look forward to seeing them go further through the competition. Well done, really good!"
— James Cooper of Team Spectre congratulates his sister Sam following Vulcan’s victory

Winner: Vulcan

Slash Boy vs Snow Leopard vs XiakeEdit

Snow Leopard was the initial selection for this battle, and in response, Slash Boy and Xiake were selected as opponents. Zheng Shuang elected not to enter this battle due to a shortage of available machines.

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 1

Xiake's drum throws sparks from Snow Leopard's wedge

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 2

Xiake rips a wheel from Snow Leopard

Xiake and Snow Leopard immediately targeted one another, and sparks flew when Xiake's drum collided with the front forks of Snow Leopard. This caused the Kazakh team to flee, but Snow Leopard drove straight into the bar spinner of Slash Boy. This halted its progress, and Xiake bulldozed its way past Slash Boy to strike the exposed wheels of Snow Leopard, ripping one of them away. Snow Leopard was driven into the arena wall, and became immobilized, eliminating it from the battle.

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 3

Xiake is flipped by Zhang Yishan's use of the hazards

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 4

Xiake slams into Slash Boy. Note the loose weapon belt

Xiake and Slash Boy fought on, but even though Snow Leopard had already been eliminated, its celebrity captain Zhang Yishan was still able to activate the floor flipper. When Xiake drove over the floor flipper, Zhang Yishan capitalized, and overturned the drum spinner. This proved to be critical, as Xiake's drum no longer made contact with Slash Boy, for its solid wedge protruded further outwards, and Xiake's drum also sub-optimally spun downwards. Nevertheless, after a brief period of inactivity, Xiake drove across the arena and slammed into Slash Boy's bar spinner, ramming it into a wall. Either as a result of this attack, or beforehand, a chain slipped from Slash Boy's weapon, leaving the bar spinner useless.

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 5

Xiake rams Slash Boy into the Grinder

Xiake vs Model Teenager vs Snow Leopard 6

Slash Boy drives over the arena saws

The inverted Xiake rammed Slash Boy into a Grinder, although both robots were struck by the hazard. Slash Boy fled from the pursuant Xiake, and drove over the circular saws in the floor, causing sparks to fly. In the final ten seconds of the battle, Xiake caught Slash Boy side-on, and drove it across the arena, into the very corner of the BattleBox. The battle was sent to a Judges' decision, which was unanimously awarded in favour of Xiake, awarding points to Wu Chun's team for the first time.

Winner: Xiake

EarthShaker vs Stealth vs Switch vs Thunder and LightningEdit

EarthShaker vs Switch vs Thunder and Lightning 1

EarthShaker throws Switch into the air in the opening moments

Thunder vs Switch 1

Switch is pushed onto the floor flipper by Thunder

EarthShaker vs Switch vs Thunder and Lightning vs Stealth 1

All five robots converge as EarthShaker lands another flip on Switch

Stealth vs Switch vs EarthShaker

Stealth hits Switch, just before the British machine is flipped again by EarthShaker

All four competitors were initially hesitant to attack each other, until EarthShaker launched Switch into the air after the yellow machine drove up its flipper. Throwing itself upside-down, Switch was flipped again by EarthShaker while Lightning hit the side of Stealth. Thunder proceeded to get underneath and briefly push Switch backwards, although Switch threw itself off with its hammer. Meanwhile, Stealth attacked the front of EarthShaker, shaking violently as its ground clearance was breached. Switch drove up Thunder’s wedge, and was pushed onto one of the floor flippers by the orange multibot. The flipper threw both robots off-balance, with Switch firing its hammer at Thunder as the latter shoved it into Lightning. All five robots converged in the center of the arena, with EarthShaker throwing Switch over as the British machine pushed Thunder back.

Stealth KOs EarthShaker

Stealth rips EarthShaker's left wheel off

Stealth vs Thunder and Lightning 1

Stealth (center) attacks both parts of Thunder and Lightning as they continue their fight with Switch

Thunder vs Stealth 1

Thunder withstands a blow from Stealth's undercutter

Thunder vs Switch 2

Thunder pushes Switch into the corner

Again, Switch self-righted flamboyantly; nearby, Thunder and Lightning proceeded to gang up on Stealth. Lightning then pushed EarthShaker sideways, which threw Switch over yet again as the latter sustained a side-on blow from Stealth’s spinner. As Switch self-righted and retreated, Stealth and both parts of Thunder and Lightning pursued after EarthShaker; a split-second after being rammed by Lightning, Stealth tore EarthShaker’s left wheel off, immobilizing it. Thunder and Lightning resumed their duel with Switch, only for Stealth to hit both parts and flip Lightning over. As it made repeated collisions with Stealth’s spinner, Thunder was deflected under Switch, and proceeded to ram the British entry into the walls. As Switch escaped over the flame jets, Thunder again drove into Stealth’s spinner, sparks flying as it deflected and manoeuvred the South Korean machine into the spikes.

Thunder vs Stealth 2

Sparks fly as Thunder pushes Stealth spinner-first into the wall spikes

Stealth vs Switch flames

A final blow from Stealth throws Switch onto the flame jets

Thunder continued its onslaught on Switch, pushing and carrying it into the grinders and spikes while Stealth clipped the floor rods. Stealth attacked Thunder again, causing Switch to be thrown off the orange multibot and allowing it to escape, albeit with its front wheels suspended off the floor. Thunder slammed head-on into Stealth twice more, before Stealth landed one last hit on Switch near the flame jets. Time ran out, with the three remaining competitors surviving to a Judges’ decision. The decision went in favor of Stealth, earning Zheng Shaung her second point in this round. Additionally, Thunder and Lightning’s driving earned praise from one of the hosts and Wu Chun, who congratulated Liu Kunfeng’s son before and after the decision was announced.

Winner: Stealth

Hammer Hammer vs Two BBQEdit

Two BBQ vs Hammer Hammer 2

Hammer Hammer strikes Two BBQ

Two BBQ vs Hammer Hammer 3

Two BBQ throws Hammer Hammer over

This head-to-head battle was shown as part of a montage, with very little content shown. Hammer Hammer charged in and struck the top of Two BBQ with its hammer, although Two BBQ successfully spun up its weapon and threw Hammer Hammer over in a frontal attack. Hammer Hammer could not self-right, and Two BBQ emerged victorious via knockout.

Winner: Two BBQ

Earth Mover vs Spear and ShieldEdit

Spear and Shield vs Bulldozer 1

Spear and Shield becomes stuck on Earth Mover

Spear and Shield vs Bulldozer 2

Spear and Shield strikes the front of Earth Mover

In another fight relegated to a montage, Earth Mover fought Spear and Shield, the successor to Chinese Aegis. Spear and Shield drove straight into the arena wall, halting its spinning momentum. Spear and Shield then drove directly onto Earth Mover's wedge, but later delivered a large blow to the front of Earth Mover. On another hit, Spear and Shield sent Earth Mover reeling into the Grinder. Earth Mover became immobile upon contact with the Grinder, allowing Spear and Shield to win the battle via knockout.

Winner: Spear and Shield

Chronos vs SandstormEdit

As Sandstorm and Chronos had already fought each other in a preliminary rumble, this battle was the second to feature both robots.

Sandstorm Chronos floor flipper

Sandstorm falls foul of the floor flipper...

Sandstorm vs Chronos 1

...only to push Chronos towards the wall spikes

Sandstorm vs Chronos 2

Chronos is thrown off the floor by Sandstorm

Sandstorm Chronos floor rods

Sandstorm spins after colliding with a set of floor rods

Immediately, Sandstorm approached Chronos as the American machine retreated towards the wall spikes. Yellow team captain Sa Beining activated a floor flipper to lift and block Sandstorm, but Sandstorm drove around the flipper to deflect and push Chronos into another set of spikes. Following this, the British machine continued to ram, chase and throw Chronos off-balance, until it drove at high speed into a set of floor rods raised by Beining. As an anxious Zheng Shaung watched on, Sandstorm recovered from its spin to ram and deflect a spinning Chronos several more times, before inadvertently driving in between the circular saws while trying to flip the American rim spinner over. Chronos darted away, getting its rim spinner up to full speed as Sandstorm continued giving chase. The two machines circled around each other for some time before driving head-on into each others' weapons - the collision with Sandstorm's lifting wedge launched Chronos several feet into the air. Seconds later, Sandstorm caused Chronos to recoil into the wall spikes with another ram.

Sandstorm vs Chronos 3

A spinning Chronos is sent airborne after driving into Sandstorm's lifting wedge

Sandstorm vs Chronos 4

Sandstorm props Chronos against the wall

Sandstorm vs Chronos 5

Chronos is rammed into a grinder in the closing stages

Following this, Sandstorm deflected Chronos away a few more times, and proceeded to ram underneath it close to the corner. Chronos skittered into the spikes as a result, and struggled to drive away before Sandstorm propped it up against the wall using its lifter. For some time, Chronos remained stranded on the wall, and quickly got its spinning weapon up to speed in an attempt to shake itself off. However, it was almost counted out while doing so - with one second to go before it was due to be eliminated, Chronos finally freed itself, to the delight of Team Ghetto Logic Robotics and Sa Beining. Sandstorm immediately raised its lifter to keep Chronos on its side, but to no avail as the American machine landed on its wheels. In the closing stages, Sandstorm continued to chase and knock Chronos off-balance, before deflecting and ramming it into the grinders. Sandstorm pursued and slammed into Chronos one last time as time ran out, with both robots surviving to a Judges’ decision. The decision went in favor of Sandstorm, earning an elated Zheng Shaung her third point in this round.

Winner: Sandstorm

Spectre vs White Tiger GuardianEdit

NOTE: The televised edit of this battle showed the events of the fight in a different order to the genuine battle[1]. This write-up depicts the battle as it was filmed, rather than the televised edit.

Spectre vs White Tiger Guardian 1

Spectre turns into White Tiger Guardian's blade

White Tiger Guardian vs Spectre

White Tiger Guardian severs a drive belt from Spectre

WTG vs Spectre

White Tiger Guardian throws Spectre over with an attack

Spectre inverted

Spectre lays on its back after being overturned

At the start of the battle, Spectre charged straight out of its square, and drove under White Tiger Guardian, but turned into the spinning blade, throwing sparks across the arena. Another attack from White Tiger Guardian threw more sparks, and loosened one of Spectre's drive belts, which fell to the arena floor. On a direct hit to Spectre's front, White Tiger Guardian threw Spectre onto its back, also buckling its front wedge. Although White Tiger Guardian had damaged Spectre, it also lost the use of its spinning weapon, and Spectre was able to quickly self-right, ramming into the front of White Tiger Guardian in a collision which brought both robots from the floor.

Spectre wedge damage

Spectre's wedge bears visible damage

White Tiger Guardian trapped

White Tiger Guardian is trapped by the ram rods

With its wedge broken, Spectre rammed into White Tiger Guardian again but could no longer breach its ground clearance. White Tiger Guardian, with no weapon, drove away from Spectre and became trapped on the ram rods in the floor, also driving onto the arena saws, where sparks were thrown from White Tiger Guardian's surface, in spite of minimal pressure from Spectre. Although Spectre then tentatively rammed the front of White Tiger Guardian, the wedges of the Chinese robot were lower, briefly breaching Spectre.

Spectre pins White Tiger Guardian

Spectre pins White Tiger Guardian, but misses with its bite

Spectre miss

Spectre proves unable to get under White Tiger Guardian

Still with its spinner powered down, White Tiger Guardian drove into the spikes on the arena wall, where Spectre pinned it in place. However, because Spectre's wedge was so heavily damaged, it could not drive under White Tiger Guardian, leaving Spectre unable to use its weapon on the pinned robot. After missing with its crushes, Spectre backed away, but White Tiger Guardian only backed itself further into the corner, where Spectre again attempted to crush, but failed to do so. When released, White Tiger Guardian drove straight into the Grinder on the side of the arena, where Spectre prevented it from escaping. Spectre held its ground, chasing White Tiger Guardian around the arena, which was making no offensive efforts while its spinner was ceased. Spectre drove into the side of White Tiger Guardian, and flared its self-righting mechanism while pushing its opponent in circles.

Spectre vs WTG

The Grinder throws White Tiger Guardian onto Spectre's wedge

Spectre vs White Tiger Guardian

Spectre clamps down on the internally damaged White Tiger Guardian

Spectre also collided with the ram rods, while White Tiger Guardian was clipped by the floor flipper. However, in the final moments of the match, White Tiger Guardian made a critical mistake and drove into a Grinder, which flung the robot directly onto the wedge of Spectre. Taking its opportunity, Spectre bit down onto the flat top of White Tiger Guardian, and caused significant internal damage, as sparks flew from the insides of White Tiger Guardian after the crushing damage, while Spectre also rammed White Tiger Guardian back into the Grinder. Spectre continued to hold White Tiger Guardian in the center of the arena, as it poured out sparks, and drove it into the arena saws. White Tiger Guardian initially appeared to be immobilized by this attack, but after a period of inactivity, White Tiger Guardian made a final movement to show its competitiveness, as time expired on the match.

"It's actually damaged the front wedge on the robot, and it had folded under the front. We thought it would be an easy fight, and it turned out to be the hardest one yet."
— Grant Cooper of Team Spectre

The battle was decided by a Judges' decision, although the fourth episode of This is Fighting Robots ended on a cliffhanger at this stage. The winner of the battle was revealed in Episode 5, which was Spectre.

Winner: Spectre




  • This was the second consecutive episode to result in a cliffhanger before a Judges' decision, as a result of Spectre vs White Tiger Guardian.
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