This is Fighting Robots aired its first season on Youku in Spring 2018. Although it is officially considered a separate show to King of Bots, it is produced by the same production team - as a result, the first season was also known as King of Bots 1.5 or Season 1.5, due to the presence of many returning teams from the latter show.

Season 1.5Edit

Preliminary rumbles

NOTE: Raging Moustache proved to be irreparable, and was directly replaced by 008. Cat King and Thunder and Lightning were also added to celebrity teams after their battles had already concluded.

Stage 1

Robots eliminated: Bonfire, Eater, Fango, Griffin Mk II, Mr Hippo, Saber II

Stage 2

Robots eliminated: EarthShaker, Firefox, Hammer Hammer, Snow Leopard

Stage 3 (2v2/Tag Team, subsequent head-to-heads)

Robots eliminated: Chronos, Golden Hoops, Hunting Wind, Lieutenant Bam, Slash Boy, Spear and Shield, Stealth, Switch, Saturn, Zen Oh

Celebrity battles (first wave)

Stage 4 (Challenger round)

Robots eliminated: 008, Dragon King, South American Eagle God, White Tiger Guardian, Wrecker

Celebrity battles (second wave)

Stage 5

Robots eliminated: Earth Mover, Great White, Megabyte, ORBY Blade, Spectre, Two BBQ, Weber

Eight-robot Rumble

Stage 6

Robots eliminated: Blue, Cat King, Formula, Ninja, Thunder and Lightning

Stage 7 (Quarter-Finals)

Stage 8 (Semi-Finals)

Third Place Play-off

Grand Final


  • This is Fighting Robots allowed certain robots, such as Blue and Cat King, to end their campaigns with a victory, due to the format.
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