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Favourite Robots so far Edit


Spectre KoB

It's a sexy and a very powerful machine with those awesome crushing jaws. Each battle with this machine just gets better and better! Y'know maybe using this as inspiration they can make a new Growler?

Grill JudgeEdit

Grill judge

I must admit I turned a blind eye (among others) to this one when I first saw it along with the other competitors but this did end up becoming one of my favourites to win the championship. It's weapon is deadly, I love the colour scheme and it disposed of one of my least favourite machines in a violent manner (sorry Toast I'm not a fan :( )


Blues mega melvin

It's Pink it instantly gets a thumbs up

Blue/Mega Melvin is the best driven robot in this series, a unique and brilliantly engineered work of art. I must say I was disappointed in it in the RoboGames but here it surpassed expectations and even though the pink Blue is out now, I sincerely hope that it qualifys for Battlebots Season 8.0 (if it has applied) because I loved this robot, its team and the battles it was in were actually a lot of fun. Certainly holding the flame of the axe bot master race.

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