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  • My occupation is Lawyer
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I'm Toon Ganondorf (TG), an Australian lawyer and founding editor of King of Bots and Robot Wars Wiki.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

My Favourite RobotsEdit

Number Image Robot Notes
1 Great White Great White I'm a stern patriot on this show. After Terror Australis and Bondi-Titch gave Australians a bad name, it was a delight to see an Australian bot that wasn't only competent, but arguably one of the best robots on the entire show. It's a robot that looks like it should break down easily, and yet time and time again it absorbed blows that should stop its flywheel and dished them out. I loved the visual aesthetic of the robot, so different from a run of generic invertible drum spinners, and its fights with Spin Doctor, Tanshe and Chiyung Jinlun are all in the top tier of KOB fights.
2 Spin Doctor Spin Doctor So when I talked about generic drum bots, I didn't mean Spin Doctor. I loved this machine so much, with its Tornado-style horsepower and its powerful drum, the flamethrower just made it. I also loved the team and their outstanding costumes, and you could feel the camaraderie between Forrest and David even with it being left unsaid. It deserves so much better than a gimmick wildcard win over Crossfire, but I'm still pleased they got the wildcard so they could finish in the top 8 like they deserve.
3 Snake China Snake Oh how I wish the UK Robot Wars would bring in these control bots. Snake's victory over Suspension was a real pleasure to watch and its control over Chiyung Jinlun made its limp breakdown really heartbreaking to watch. It was a pleasure to see it get another surge at being reinstated, but sadly there was no more to be seen.
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