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  • CrashBash

    After doing, and subsequently failing to do, numerous Audited Series on the Robot Wars wiki, I figured I could branch out to other robot combat shows. I could do something sensible like BattleBots or BuggleBots, with their very simplistic and simple combat structures. But NOPE! I'm going to do King of Bots instead.

    In case there's anyone here who doesn't know what an Audited Series is, basically I go through a series with the same robots, but the line-up is at complete random. I won't know which robot is drawn against which until I pop in good ol' and let it do its magic.

    For purposes of clarification, although each robot is randomised, the groups they were initially placed in are not. Therefore, the international challengers from t…

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  • CrashBash

    Vital Thumbnails

    January 8, 2020 by CrashBash
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