King of Bots Wiki

I've got to say that King of Bots puts BattleBots to shame, and that's considering I don't know what they're saying.

The first episode smashed it out of the park with the first 7 fights of round 1 and proved that China has some powerful bots.

The second episode was just as awesome and feature 8 more fights from round 1.

The third episode had even more fantastic fights and the final 9 fights from round 1, though the final bot to reach round 2 was extremely lucky.

Episode 4 had the first 6 amazing fights of the second round that showed that the 12 bots in the episode earned their place in the second round.

Episode 5 had the final 6 fights of the second that was more amazing though one of the winners to get to round 3 got the second lucky win in a row.

Episode 6 was fantastic fun with the first fight featuring shock exit, another shock exit in the second fight, the first fight between wildcards and another fun loss for the loser, the fourth featured two of the most dominate bots with a third amazing victory for the winner, the fifth fight featured the other two wildcard bots and featured a beautiful fire in the loser, the sixth fight featured a intense fight that saw teamwork at its best, the seventh fight featured the luckiest bot in the competition running out of luck and the eighth and final fight featured the fbs killer continue its streak.

Episode 7 featured the final eight bots. The first fight featured the remaining American machines, the second fight saw the only remaining British team show its sheer control, the third saw the loser controversially eliminated, the fourth fight saw Rust Boar being replaced by another machine only for the replacement to lose. The 2v2 fights was fantastic fun with Vulcan getting revenge on the bot it lost to in round 1 in the first fight whilst the other 2v2 fight saw the Americans beat 2 Chinese spinners (one of which had gone up in smoke).

Episode 8 featured the final four bots. The first fight was a rematch with repeat results, the second was a fantastic fight where the remaining British bot showed the power of the crusher, the third place play-off saw the US wreck the most successful clusterbot in KOB, the final was a fast fight where the British bot set the opponent alight to claim the trophy. The rumble featuring Blue, Crossfire, Dark Knight, Griffin, Ink Thorns, Nuclear Bomb, Steel Dragon, The Grubs and Tyrannosaurus Rex was frantic and insane with the winner getting a surprise victory.

Hopes for a rumble featuring Ninja General, The Grubs, Steel Gods of War and Thunder & Lightning was dashed but maybe it'll happen next season.