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"With a deceptive appearance, hidden the most cruel means of attack, it is from the underground world behemoth - Tyrannosaurus Rex!"
— King of Bots website

暴暴龙, translated as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Storm Dragon or Violent Dragon, was a robot from Guangzhou entered by the team, Masterpiece Zhuge. The robot sported a comedic appearance, but housed a unique weapon before encountering issues with the robot being overweight. Thus, the weaponless Tyrannosaurus Rex lost to the clusterbot Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield in the first round.


Masterpiece Zhuge enter the arena with their robot

Tyrannosaurus Rex used an incredibly tall, comical design, based around a dinosaur or a dragon. In truth, the robot's interchangable dinosaur heads, brandishing huge teeth, were interchangeable, and the robot itself was a box-shaped design much shorter than its external appearance. A large blade protruded out of the robot's front, although it did not move in its televised fight. The robot ran on unique locomotion, containing expendable wheels on the inside and outside of the robot, which could break free from the robot and not severely hinder its mobility. Tyrannosaurus Rex suffered from a lack of a self-righting mechanism, comparative top-heaviness, the inability to turn on the spot, and weak armor.

In actuality, Tyrannosaurus Rex's weapon was an E-Tek driven hydraulic clamp, but this had to be disabled, as the robot was overweight prior to its first battle.

Robot History

Season 1

"Like Zhuge, wisdom is used to resolve violence."
— The team's declaration on the King of Bots website

The smaller half tries to push its larger opponent

In the first round, Tyrannosaurus Rex fought the clusterbot Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield. Tyrannosaurus Rex struggled to move with precision due to its large size, but it was only threatened by the smaller half of the clusterbot, allowing it to continue coasting around the arena. It was eventually trapped by the small wedge, which reversed the huge robot towards the arena drum, but the heavier machine stood firm. The wedge then pressed into the side of Storm Dragon and eventually caused one of its wheels to fall off.

An attack of the flipper removes Storm Dragon's head

The combined attack of the clusterbots earns the knockout

Tyrannosaurus Rex still drove at a similar page, but the smaller half pushed Storm Dragon into the wall. Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield's flipper was then brought into action for the first time, lifting up Storm Dragon and causing its comedy head to fall away from the robot. Finally, after backing Storm Dragon into the wall, the smaller clusterbot drove under it so that the flipper could win the match by knockout, toppling its huge foe. Thus, Tyrannosaurus Rex was eliminated in the first round.


Season 1
Round 1 vs. Mighty Crossbow and Steel Shield Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Outside King of Bots

Tyrannosaurus Rex's unused female head

Due to the robot's humorous appearance, the head of Tyrannosaurus Rex became popular within the online robotics community, gaining momentum as a communal 'meme'. The team name Masterpiece Zhuge, also translated as Peerless Zhuge, attributed to this success due to its parallel with the robot's comedic design.


  • Unseen on television, a second head was available for Tyrannosaurus Rex in the event of it fighting a second battle. This used a more feminine and florarl design, painted pink, while the robot's eyes had long eyelashes.

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