吴老六十六 (translated as WU66, Sixty six Wu old or Wu Lao sixty-six) was a heavyweight robot from Tongzhou, Beijing, China, which competed in Season 1 of King of Bots. It was entered by a husband-and-wife team, but lost to the British Suspension in its only battle.




WU66 was a box-shaped robot with a low ground clearance on all sides, featuring a raised rectangular section at the back, offering the robot a shape somewhat like a bed. Its primary weapon was a bar spinner with a top speed of 1000rpm, positioned off-center from the robot's body. The robot could output reasonable damage, but could not self-right, and was relatively slow. As a result of its shape, WU66 was positioned on its back end in some promotional shots.

Robot HistoryEdit

King of Bots (Season 1)Edit

"Oh my gosh, this thing goes quite fast. We really didn't know what to expect."
— Sabrina Skilling on WU66's spinner
WU66 vs Suspension

WU66 casts sparks off Suspension's wedge

Suspension vs WU66

WU66 is trapped against the wall

In its first battle, WU66 fought the British entry, Suspension. It started slower, and was slammed by Suspension, and controlled around the arena. Sparks flew as WU66's bar skimmed the top of Suspension, but the British machine rolled WU66 into a Grinder, which then reversed into the hazard to sustain further damage. WU66 finally fled, but Suspension drove it back into the Grinder for further damage. Suspension then pinned WU66 against the wall, and survived one final blow from the bar spinner before rolling it against the arena spikes. WU66 had lost mobility, so it was counted out, and eliminated in the first round.


King of Bots (Season 1)
Main Championship
First Round
Round 1 vs. Suspension Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

Series WU66 Series Record
Season 1 Round 1
(0-1 record)
Season 1.5 Did not enter
Season 2 Did not enter


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