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White Dwarf is a British featherweight robot which applied for the 2018 King of Bots UK International Championships. Planned to be entered by Joel West-Ward, and built to a design by Adam Hamilton and Andy Russell, it was not selected to compete in the main competition.[1]

Following White Dwarf’s rejection, West-Ward attempted to take part in whiteboard battles and side events with a second robot, Virus, also built in conjunction with Hamilton and Russell. Taking inspiration from Spectre, including a four-wheel drive system and a similar crusher weapon, Virus did not enter any side competitions as a result of not being completed in time.[2]


White Dwarf is an invertible, two-wheel drive robot armed with a set of three interchangeable weapons. The weapons include a set of lifting forks inspired by former Robot Wars champion Panic Attack, a grabbing weapon and a vertical drum spinner inspired by RoboGames middleweight competitor The General.[3]

Outside King of Bots

Completed in 2017, White Dwarf was initially intended to debut at that year's FRA Featherweight International Championships, held at the Insomnia 61 gaming festival. However, wiring and accommodation issues - the latter preventing West-Ward from attending the second day of the event - resulted in it not being able to compete.[3]