Yesaji was a robot from India which competed in This is Fighting Robots and King of Bots II, under two completely different guises. Yesaji was built and entered by renowned Indian robot combat team Blanka Botz.

In Season 1.5, Yesaji made only a fleeting appearance in a four-way battle where no celebrity opted to add it to their team, instead favoring Griffin Mk II and Lieutenant Bam, knocking Yesaji out of the competition after only one fight.

Returning for Season 2, Yesaji had no working weapon in either of its first two fights, but although this prevented it from defeating Emerald, it was able to win a four-way rumble over Bullseye, Iron Rooster and Land Dragon to earn a place on Tu Ziya's team. On this team, Yesaji defeated Flaming Wheel, but lost a two-on-two battle against Vulcan and Xiake.

Versions of YesajiEdit

Yesaji (Season 1.5)Edit


Top view of Yesaji in This is Fighting Robots

The original version of Yesaji was a black and red, four-wheel drive robot with a low, roughly box-shaped chassis and a lifting/grabbing weapon bearing resemblance to Bite Force from BattleBots. The weapon combined a forked lifting plate with a pair of overhead clamping jaws, which were intended to allow Yesaji to grab and lift opponents. It boasted reasonable ramming power, but its lack of damage output ultimately failed to impress the celebrity captains.

Yesaji (Season 2)Edit

Yesaji Team

Yesaji with its team captain in King of Bots II

The second version of Yesaji used a more tried-and-tested design, consisting of a four-wheel driven machine armed with a golden disc, spinning vertically at the front of the robot. The robot was also capable of running inverted on two of its wheels, albeit without the use of its weapon. The robot was largely colored white, but was decorated with a brick wall design across its front armor panels.


The robot was named after Yesaji Kank, a childhood comrade of Shivaji Maharaj, a warrior king and the founder of the Maratha Empire.[1]

Robot HistoryEdit

This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)Edit

Yesaji vs Unlimited Numbers vs Lieutenant Bam

Yesaji attacks Unlimited Numbers in the opening seconds

Yesaji was not initially selected by the celebrity team captains, and so was required to fight in a preliminary rumble to impress them. There, it fought UK entries Griffin Mk II and Lieutenant Bam, as well as Chinese competitor Unlimited Numbers.

Brief highlights of this battle were shown as part of Episode 2; Yesaji initially began the battle strongly, ramming and getting underneath Unlimited Numbers in the opening moments. However, its contributions to the remainder of the battle were not shown in the main episode, as the rest of the highlights focused on its three opponents. By the end of its rumble, Yesaji was not selected by any of the celebrities and would not progress to the main competition.

King of Bots II (Season 2)Edit

Yesaji received its first fully-broadcasted fight in Season 2, where the new vertical spinner design of Yesaji competed in Episode 3, joining the competition alongside eleven other international entries. It was randomly selected to battle against Emerald to take its place on Tu Ziya's team. Before the battle, Yesaji's team proudly declared that they would not even need their weapon to win this battle, and indeed, the whole battle was fought without Yesaji using its vertical spinner, although Team BlankaBotz confirmed after the fight that this was not intentional.

"I don't even need to spin up my weapon for its full potential!"
— Team BlankaBotz before the fight
Emerald vs Yesaji 1

Yesaji's wedge pops Emerald into the air

Emerald vs Yesaji 2

Yesaji receives the only weapon attack of the match

At the start of the fight, Yesaji swerved around the arena, likely attempting to spin up its broken weapon, but eventually charged into Emerald regardless, popping it into the air. Emerald responded by driving straight into Yesaji, and although the collision altered its alignment, this helped it land an accurate hammer blow on the top of Yesaji. However, the force of this swing was enough to break Emerald's hammer mechanism, leaving it in the down position for the remainder of the fight.

Emerald vs Yesaji 3

Yesaji is pushed into the Grinder by Emerald

Emerald vs Yesaji 4

Yesaji drives Emerald into the arena saws

Nevertheless, Emerald kept its broken weapon in place and used it to guide Yesaji into the Grinder, and then the corner of the arena with a continuous charge. The two robots separated and danced around each other in the center of the arena, with Yesaji nudging Emerald back, until it managed to hook its wedges under the front of Emerald, and drive it into the arena saws, which visibly buckled the rear armor of Emerald.

Emerald vs Yesaji 5

The floor flipper turns Yesaji over

Emerald vs Yesaji 6

Yesaji attempts to self-right using the Grinder

Yesaji then made another charge, but rode up the side of Emerald and knocked its hammer back into place. The two robots engaged in a back-and-forth which resulted in Yesaji driving over the floor flipper, which turned it over. With no working spinner, Yesaji was unsuccessful in its repeated attempts to self-right using the arena wall and the Grinders, while Emerald simply kept its distance and watched Yesaji's struggles.

Emerald vs Yesaji 7

Yesaji is pinned against the wall

Emerald vs Yesaji 8

Yesaji is finally righted by the Grinder

Emerald eventually caught the distracted Yesaji at the start of the second minute, and pressed it against the arena wall. Although Yesaji drove away, it was raised slightly by the floor flipper, and Emerald slid Yesaji into the Grinders, which finally righted Yesaji, and allowed it to use its wedges once again, even if the spinner remained inactive.

Emerald vs Yesaji 9

Yesaji bends Emerald's armor upwards

Emerald vs Yesaji 10

A final slam takes out Yesaji's drive

The upright Yesaji bulldozed into Emerald and caused Emerald's front shell to completely detach from the robot temporarily, bending up into the air. When Emerald's armor fell back into place, it wedged under Yesaji and used the top of its armor to hold Yesaji in place, for a drive into the wall. Upon their collision with the wall, Emerald's shell bent up again completely, but one the robots separated, it was clear that Yesaji had lost drive on one side of the robot, with smoke also emerging from the machine. Emerald kept its distance and allowed the referee to count out Yesaji, which could not leave its own circumference. Yesaji therefore lost the battle and did not join Tu Ziya's team.

Huang Jian Xiang: "What happened to your weapon? You never really attacked."
Team BlankaBotz: "In testing, everything was going good, but I have to find out what happened, I really don't know. ...I'm really disappointed."
— A sympathetic post-match interview

Yesaji was relegated to the Redemption Round, where it was required to win a four-way rumble against Bullseye, Iron Rooster and Land Dragon in order to earn a place on a celebrity team of its choosing. Critically, Yesaji's weapon once again failed to spin, although the weaponry of Bullseye was also broken, and Land Dragon was completely immobile from the outset.

Iron Rooster vs Yesaji

Iron Rooster clips Yesaji on a collision

Yesaji vs Bullseye

Yesaji rams Bullseye into the wall

After Yesaji briefly nudged Bullseye, Iron Rooster and Yesaji collided, with Iron Rooster's swinging mace clipping Yesaji as it drove past. Land Dragon's immobility was highlighted, and it started to be counted out while Yesaji barged Bullseye into the arena wall, which seemed to remove half of its drive. Iron Rooster rolled in for an attack but missed, and Yesaji collected Bullseye and rammed it right into the corner where Land Dragon was parked, with Bullseye becoming immobile right next to it. Iron Rooster closed in to attack Yesaji but was disrupted by the floor flipper, and the two robots returned to the center of the arena, largely missing attacks.

Yesaji vs Iron Rooster

Yesaji knocks Iron Rooster onto one side

Iron Yesaji

Yesaji avoids one last attack

Iron Rooster swung violently while Yesaji bided its time, measuring up a good attack, and managed to carry Iron Rooster to the side of the arena, but sustained a glancing blow in the process. In a more successful charge, Yesaji knocked Iron Rooster onto one wheel briefly, disorienting it. Yesaji continued its offence, ramming into Iron Rooster's wheel to knock it into the wall, while avoiding several swings from Iron Rooster. Yesaji delivered Iron Rooster to the wall once more, and delivered another ram while narrowly avoiding Iron Rooster's hammer, when time expired on the battle. The judges favored the controlled rams of Yesaji, and declared it the winner. It would subsequently be selected for Tu Ziya's team as a result.

Yesaji was then the first robot to represent Tu Ziya in the next round, battling Flaming Wheel of Huang Jian Xiang's team to earn a point for its team, while also defending its own place on Tu Ziya's roster, as a loss here could have led to its elimination. For the first time in the competition, Yesaji's vertical spinner was finally working in this fight.

Although Yesaji had earned a point for Tu Ziya's team, the other four robots on her team were not able to win their two-on-two matches, and Tu Ziya lost the round to Huang Jian Xiang. This put Yesaji's place in the competition in peril, as it and Earth Mover had been nominated for elimination prior to the round, in the event Tu Ziya's team lost. However, Tu Ziya instead removed Earth Mover from her team, and Yesaji remained in the competition.

In the next phase, Tu Ziya's team of four robots took on Zhu Zheng Ting's powerful line-up. Yesaji participated in a two-on-two battle in collaboration with its former opponent Emerald, taking on the experienced duo of Vulcan and Xiake.

After this loss, both Yesaji and Emerald were at risk of being cut from Tu Ziya's team, but Tu Ziya once again saved Yesaji from danger, and instead cut Emerald, leaving Yesaji as one of Tu Ziya's three remaining machines, with Iron Scrap and Doraemon.


This is Fighting Robots (Season 1.5)
Main Championship
Preliminary Rumble vs. Griffin Mk II, Lieutenant Bam, Unlimited Numbers Not selected
King of Bots II (Season 2)
Main Championship
Part of Tu Ziya's team
Challenger Round vs. Emerald Lost
Redemption Round vs. Bullseye, Iron Rooster, Land Dragon Won
Head-to-Head vs. Flaming Wheel Won
2v2 (Emerald) vs. Vulcan & Xiake Lost


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Yesaji's preliminary rumble in Season 1.5 is not considered to be a win or a loss.

Series RecordEdit

Series Yesaji Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 1.5 Not selected by celebrities
Season 2 Part of team, two wins

Outside King of BotsEdit

Founded in 2011, Blanka Botz Robotics Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of robots in various disciplines. The club have enjoyed outstanding success in Indian and international robotics competitions – as of December 2017, they have won 90 trophies in domestic events as well as two titles and 63 medals internationally.[2]

  • Taanaji
  • Dara (left) and Goho (right)
  • Khashaba, with the top panels for Goho and Dara

Blanka Botz have built several robots for domestic and international competitions, a majority of them being equipped with vertical spinners. Their robots include:

  • Taanaji, a 60kg, invertible drum spinner, which won the 2017 Techfest International Robowars competition and finished runner-up in the 2018 FMB (Fighting My Bots) World Cup 60kg tournament.
  • Dara, a two-wheeled, 15kg robot armed with a drum spinner, winner of the 2017 FMB World Championship.
  • Goho, a four-wheel drive, 15kg robot armed with a large drum spinner.
  • Khashaba, a two-wheel drive middleweight armed with a single-toothed vertical drisc.
Eggbeater vs Atomic Bomb

Eggbeater in battle with Atomic Bomb

The team also competed in fellow Chinese robotics show Clash Bots with Eggbeater, a heavyweight robot armed with an egg beater spinner. It won its first battle against Nuclear and found reasonable success on the show, but was eliminated halfway through the series. It made a late return in Episode 10, as part of Excalibur's three-in-a-row battle challenge, but Eggbeater was not required to fight after Excalibur was immobilized by Bull Devil.



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